Pat Kelsey

I just don’t see anyway UK could block UL’s entrance to the SEC, at least not on their own.
Most likely not on their own. But I bet you’d they’d tell UF and SC they’ll vote against FSU, Miami and Clemson if they return the favor and vote against Louisville.
If I recall he transferred from RB to E his Sr year to fill PG position..........State champs?
The Kelsey family moved from Finneytown to the Westside too.
Correct. However, at this point, I think it’s fair to say he identifies more with Elder than RB. His younger brother went to Elder before being a stud at NKU. I believe one of his nephews (Cluxton) was a solid bball player at Elder a few yrs back and the Guidugli that’s currently at Elder, is also his nephew.
If there were some kind of shenanigans involved they continued on for 3 decades. The longest con in OHSAA history.
In the ultimate ironic move, Chris Mack will be taking Kelsey’s old job at Charleston.
So you are OK with "certain" transfers based on location and proximity to the school that benefits. Can you say, "hypocrite"? lol
Kind of a big difference transferring from a school 15 minutes away vs a school in Texas. Not to mention, it was a transfer for 1/2 the school year.
Looks like another Elder alum will be on Kelsey's staff at Louisville. Braden Connor, Elder 2017 I believe. He was a GA then video coordinator this past year at Charleston. He is following him to Louisville.
Ginn transferred his Junior year and Kelsey came over his Senior year. Kelsey, Cluxton, Giudugli and the Walls are all related and have played basketball for Elder.
St X's Kobe Rodgers following PK
to UofL for his final season of CBB....