Palmer Wrestling Club (Sept-March)


Pre-Season Club
September 3rd - October 31st
Tuesday/Thursday @ 630-8 pm

Pre-Season Clinic Series @ Newark High School
September 4th - October 23rd
Wednesdays @ 6-730 pm

Camp Schedule

Preseason Training Camp
September 14th/15th
Focus: Intensive Drilling, Controlling ties and chain wrestling on the mat.
Cost: $150

Super 32 Camp
October 5th/6th
Focus: Shot/Counter shots, Short Offense and Top Turns/Pins.
Cost: $150

Thanksgiving Hammer Camp
November 30th/December 1st
Focus: fast paced drilling, scrambling and chain wrestling on the mat.
Cost: $150

CP Elite Competition Club

November 5th - March 26th

Monday/Wednesday @ 630-8 pm (ALL)
Tuesday/Thursday (Split Sessions for Live Night)
Grade School @ 6-730 pm
Jr. High & HS @ 730-9 pm

Package 1 : $1,200 (Includes all Competition Season Practices, 3 weekend training Camps, and the 2019-2020 CP Team Singlet!) Savings of $225!!

Package 2 : $900 (Includes all Competition Season practices and the 2019-2020 CP Team Singlet!)

Package 3: $900 Split Payment (Includes all Competition Season Practices! Payments are to be paid by November 4th and December 4th. Late payments will result in a $75 additional charge.)

High School Package: $500 (Includes all T/TH practices @ 730-9 pm from November 6th - March 11th!)

CP Junior Elite
(0-3 years of experience)

November 11th - January 29th
Monday/Wednesday @ 530-630

Package 1: $300 (Includes all Junior Elite practices!)

Package 2: $500 (Includes all Junior Elite practices as well as Live Nights with Elite! This training session will run through the end of March!)
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