OSU Single Match Tickets


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No luck so far trying to get Feb 3 match vs National Champions Penn State. Anyone know how to be notified when they go on sale - OSU ticket office was no help whatsoever.


I wouldn't bother looking until after a more specific schedule with times (and location maybe for this match) is released.


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hmmm...good reminder that I should probably get my tickets from UM for the match against OSU. The last dual I watched between those two was also in Ann Arbor and was a "classic". Final was OSU 18-15 over UM. It was also the first loss for Snyder (3-1 vs. Coon) since the 2015 NCAA finals. Pletcher (Micic) and Micah Jordan (Pantaleo) also lost that night, while Bo Jordan beat Myles Amine (yes, he has finally graduated and is about 33 years old now) and Kollin Moore had a technical fall (vs. Beazley). Other wins for OSU came from Ke-Shawn Hayes (Malik Amine), Tomasello (tf vs. Mattin) , McKenna (Profaci), and Myles Martin (Abounader). Of course, had to look some of that up. Also, Logan Massa beat Te'shan Campbell at 165.


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Bought my tickets for OSU=UMich Only $6.00 each (all GA tickets) and no other fees. Electronic tickets. Now to get my B10 tourney tickets - also in Ann Arbor. 40 minute drive to that venue. Pro Tip - park close to the exit onto Stadium drive vs. close to Crisler. Saves about an hour trying to get out of the parking lot. Apparently UMich still doesn't teach a class in logistics planning for traffic control. Saved a lot of time in January vs. Penn State.