Oregon Girls' Softball Team Files Title IX Lawsuit Against School District


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A "substantial donation" was made to build a hitting facility for the softball team later that year, but was never built because the funds were reallocated to another sport this past February, according to the release.

In the meeting when that decision was made, school representatives allegedly said the softball team would get a hitting facility after it won a state championship, according to the complaint.

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The biggest issue that was not disclosed is if the school system is not funding their girls' sports at the same rate as their boys' sports.

The comparison between softball and baseball really is quite meaningless, much the same way a school doesn't have to provide a girls' football team to be equal to the boys' football team. As long as they are spending a similar amount of money and offering a similar amount of athletic opportunities between girls and boys sports, they can still be in compliance even if the "similar" sports don't look to be equal.