Orangemen Atheletics

Orangemen Athletics

Turning out to be a GREAT year for ellet sports!
With that being said, how far do you see the juicemen going in the state tourney??
I see them beating copley, and getting by the mckinley/Barberton winner, then their season ends at the civic center against Jackson. I'm pulling for an upset, but i feel I'm reaching!!! Lol
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“We couldn’t get anything to fall,” White said. “It just wasn’t our night. It was Ellet’s night, and if we get into the City championship, we’ll see.
Pllleeeeaaaassssseeeee.............Kick Buchtel butt in the championship. People should be gracious in victory as in defeat.

That quote is lockerroom material.


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Come on, PRide, it is White saying this. He cannot compliment an opponent if they beat his team 101-10. I like Buchtel to win the rematch, but hey, Ellet still has to play the Rams this Friday night, and the Rams are playing as horribly as they have all season long, but you never know when they could just rise up and sting the Orange!! It is going to be a Sweet Valentine's Day Bargain night, 2 tickets for the price of 1, plus a rose for your sweetheart, a complimentary photo of you and your sweetie, and a free hour at Steve's Motel on 619 in Green! Awesome package put together for real fans of Ellet! Go get 'em Ellet!!!