Olivia de Havilland - Dead at age 104


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Olivia Mary de Havilland ( age 104 - 07/1/1916 ~ 07/25/2020 )
- I believe she was the last of the major stars of Gone With The Wind
_ _ (I will try to confirm that)

Her younger sister Joan Fontaine passed away in 2013 @ age 96




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She was great in every film she ever made. I have been watching for her birthday every July, as a reminder of the golden age of film as well as that of the greatest generation that took on Nazism, Fascism and Imperial Japan. A naturalized citizen, she was a frequent participant in the Hollywood Canteen and toured with the USO to support our troops.


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Her legacy will be the successful lawsuit she brought against the major Hollywood studios, which allowed actors to choose their own roles rather than the ones dictated by the studio bosses.