OHSAA to Host Press Conference Thursday (Noon)


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OHSAA to Host Press Conference Thursday
Executive Director Jerry Snodgrass will meet with the media and a live online audience at noon; press conference limited to 30 media members

COLUMBUS, Ohio – The Ohio High School Athletic Association will host a press conference at noon Thursday (March 19) at the OHSAA office, Executive Director Jerry Snodgrass has announced.

The press conference will be limited to 30 media members to comply with the directive from the Centers for Disease Control that no more than 50 people be together in the same room. Media must request and be approved for a seat at the press conference via email from Tim Stried at the OHSAA.

The press conference will be streamed live through OHSAA.tv and the OHSAA’s social media platforms (@OHSAASports on Twitter and Facebook).

Snodgrass will provide updates and information on the OHSAA’s winter tournaments that were postponed indefinitely last Thursday, along with updates on spring sports. He will also take questions from media.

OHSAA member schools are encouraged to watch the press conference, as Snodgrass will respond to some of the frequently asked questions from the past several days. His memo to member schools last Friday is posted at: https://www.ohsaa.org/news-media/articles/ohsaa-winter-and-spring-sports-update


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It looks like we are still in a holding pattern. The Ohsaa will follow the Governor’s recommendation or act on their own.


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  • Winter Sports - Still on indefinite postponement
  • Extending tournaments problematic
  • Cancelling Winter tournaments is on the table
  • Tentative schedule for Spring sports: still on but could change if DeWine extends closing of schools
  • Cancelling Spring sports is on the table
  • If cancellation is required, likely all Winter sports would cancel at the same time. Probably not cancel one Winter sport and play another.
  • No extra year of eligibility - this was a question brought up by one of the reporters questions.
  • Working on eligibility for resumption of school due to closures possibly making athletes ineligible
  • No authority over travel teams. Worried about kids moving to their travel teams.
  • If Spring sports do not happen, what will happen with grades eligibility? Might make every kid eligible.
  • Financial impact on OHSAA. Huge impact and working on how bad it is. Lose 1.4-1.5 million in revenues from Winter Sports out of 19 million overall budget. 80% of OHSAA revenue from ticket sales.
  • Thinking creatively to keep the possibility of a season alive.
  • Decision on Winter sports coming in the next 24-48 hours
  • Would they announce a poll champion or a year without champions? Not sure yet. Not likely to have multiple champs.
  • Spring sports still has room to get the season in even with more school time closed. Could move tournaments later in June. Site availability an issue.
  • Winter sports not likely to be played in mid May. Strongly doubts it.
  • OHSAA has not discussed the Fall yet but realize how rapidly this is moving


My only issue here is now is not the time to have a heavy hand about kids moving on to travel sports (not that they are going on anyway). In essence almost punishing the kids who are still alive in basketball for advancing and not losing early in tournaments (I know, not a track issue).


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It is. Snodgrass is waiting on Dewine to postpone/cancel school to postpone/cancel spring sports. It’s totally a blame game now. As projected the numbers are escalating and won’t peak for a while. Who wants to take the brunt (parent emails) for the foreseeable future.

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I feel like any minute now all spring sports are going to be cancelled.
It's looking more bleak by the day, but if there's anything to take away from Snodgrass' press conferences and memos, it's that he's not one to give up the ship until he absolutely must. He appears to understand the value of hope in this situation and doesn't wish to make any moves prematurely. Based on what workable contingency plans he and his staff have been able to develop, I'm betting Snodgrass and his staff have a date in their heads at which they have to make their own call to write off the spring sports. Everything will hinge on if and when school can resume before that date. It's pretty obvious that nobody will be playing any HS or MS sponsored sports until school resumes.

There aren't many good options on the table at this exact moment, but IMHO, cancelling the spring tournaments prematurely would be the worst option of all given that nothing else can take place right now anyway given the recommendations made by the CDC and the directives handed down by the various levels of government.
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What are coaches telling kids under the new order of our Governor? Run alone, run only with family, continue to try and run with a few friends??

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What are coaches telling kids under the new order of our Governor? Run alone, run only with family, continue to try and run with a few friends??
FAQ related to the order itself:

"Can I leave home to exercise?

Yes. Outdoor exercise like running or taking a walk is perfectly acceptable; however, exercise gyms, fitness centers and associated facilities are closed to reduce the spread of coronavirus. While exercising outside, you should still practice social distancing by running or walking at least six feet away from other people."

I had been telling my people to not meet in large groups ever since the order to close schools was announced. Nothing I said was going to fully eliminate smaller numbers of kids from getting together, but I at least wanted them to think about the ramifications of meeting up with others,

The bottom line from this "stay at home" order is that the state is even more serious about discouraging groups from congregating. However, I believe the state authorities are also aware of the adverse effect it would have on many peoples' mental health and are therefore reluctant to order a full-on "lockdown" of any length.
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