OHSAA should have spring sports season


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With the governor's announcement today it's time for the OHSAA to do the right thing and give our seniors a spring sports season.

Season starts on May 26 and lasts for three weeks
Tournament begins on June 15 and is completed in three weeks, slightly excelerated schedule.
Season is completed July 4 weekend, only one weekend later than OHSAA originally planned on their last revised schedule.


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I fear that it would be too late. A lot of travel teams have already started practicing which would make all those kids ineligible unless an exception was made to the rules. But I appreciate what your saying and it would be awesome if they could figure it out. Not to mention Dr. AcDoom has closed all schools and their facilities until June 30.


Go Buckeyes
I think this would be great. I know there are a number of teams across the state that want to play.


Time to move on!! Get summer ball in.High Schools have 10 practices for next year can start soon.Seniors will start getting ready for college. Are we going to celebrate graduation until next August. We act like this is the first time anything has ever happened bad to kids.


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Agree. Also wonder if schools want to make their facilities available to travel teams they have no control over?
Well they do it all the time and part of the deal is that there need to be a school rep on site, so I think the regulations could be managed. Certainly open for ACME though.