OHSAA announced "Early Season Invitational will be held a week earlier. (August 15 in 2020)..."


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I assume this meet will be held at Fortress Obetz. This meet will undoubtedly have more teams than the early seasons invitational held at that other site since more teams will want to a first look at the new site of the state meet.


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My sources say will be at Obetz for the next five years, just like the State meet. The change in date was for 2020 only as there was already a scheduled event. The normal date (Saturday prior to normal season opening) has been confirmed for the remaining 4 years of the contract.

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Is the 10 day practice rule waived for the preseason meet. If teams only practice Mon-Fri that only allows for 10 practices and if a kids misses just one will they be able to race in the preseason meet?


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1.) Who does one talk to/where does one sign up for this meet this year?

2.) Has anyone seen a course map yet?