Ohio's Highest HS Football Winning Percentages All-Time


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It would be interesting to see what these numbers look like in what ever you consider maybe the “modern” football era. Maybe from 1950 on when a majority of HS had a football team. I don’t know if winning games from 1890 - 1950 really carry much weight on the state of a program in todays standards. Especially if a team hasn’t won a championship in the playoff era😎.
Or potentially even 1972 when you had to win a state championship game instead of being awarded one but I don't know who that distinction would pertain to.


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Ohio's Highest HS Football Winning Percentages All-Time doesn't equal State Championships (See below). The real question is who has won the most State Championships since the playoff era. Or which conference has the most?


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Who says that? You. LOL..LOL…LOL. You are just another anti-Massillon obsessive troll. The proof is what appears on your signature page.
I just don't like those who boast and can't prove it on the field. You had everyone fooled for years. One would think that a team that was voted number one in America can't even when an a Ohio State Championship on the field. I sure hope you win it this year. How many years has it been? 50 years?


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The value of those 'voted' Championships have gone down the drain. It's what have you done for me lately now. Did you miss it?
So by lately do you mean when 16 teams per region make the playoffs , or maybe when it was 8 or how about in the first 8 years when only ONE team per region made it.

John Lee Pettimore

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Imagine if Massillon and McK didn't rack up hundreds of wins, focusing on football from the 1890's on, when no one else gave a shite about the sport-- so that they didn't START the process with a 30-50 year huge head start in high winning percentage over nearly every one else in Ohio.

I think I'd trade that one (possible) loss each year for the ~8-9 almost guaranteed wins that BOTH of those teams were accruing, when they were the first ones heavily focused on the sport, while schools like Wyoming were not even fielding a team.

Massillon Principal 1893: "We should start a football club see."

Superintendent: "Why do you say that?"

MP: "Because in about 40 years most schools will have one, and we want a head start when people are calculating wins and winning % in, oh....I don't know....125 years from now see."

Super: "That's brilliant."


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It’s how the system was done before 1972. Do you feel the same way about college ?
Interesting question, and I am going to be serious a second.

I sort of due feel the same way about college, especially pre-BCS.

People complAined about the BCS, but it at least gave us a game between two teams whom a certain system felt were the best.

Even in the bowl era, at least the voters had the means and ability for the most Part to be able to Evaluate teams and vote on them but even at that it wasnt a good enough system to see who actually had the best team.

In HS, even today, most AP voteRs do not see one down of a Team and vote. Just thInk how it was in the 70s and before? Reputation and score of the Games. That was it. Since thEre was no playoff system no one had any idea how legit Records were. We see it all the time nowadays when an undefeated team is beaten out of the playoffs early because their Schedule is garbage so one could say the pre BCS system are fake titles.


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No one is ignorant enough to say the poll title system is just as good enough as the playoff system.
With that being said at the end of the day you can pick a year and find out who was the Ohio state champion for that particular year. No matter how bad you want to, you can’t change history. It’s really not that hard.