Ohio State v Michigan

Ohio State v Michigan

  • Michigan +14 or more

    Votes: 5 13.5%
  • Michigan +7

    Votes: 8 21.6%
  • Michigan +3

    Votes: 3 8.1%
  • Ohio State +3

    Votes: 5 13.5%
  • Ohio State +7

    Votes: 11 29.7%
  • Ohio State +14 or more

    Votes: 5 13.5%

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Yes the Georgia game where they blew a 2 touchdown lead in one of the worst choke jobs I’ve ever seen
And still were in position to win if they could execute a kick against the national champs who obliterated their title game opponent.
It is Ohio State.
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I dont like playing for that FG. Had then on their heels, line up and throw downfield and try to tske lead into half
Ryan finds a way to Day up the end of the half.

Finally have some offensive momentum, go for it rather than ask a guy to kick far beyond his career long.
Losing the physicality battle again. Have to keep UM from those 3rd and 4th and shorts where they can impose their will.

OSU looks like a team that spends a lot of their time at practice on Xs and Os and not enough time on the little things. OSU has more talent than UM and it does not show.

Henderson has all of the tools that Zeke Elliott had but is missing the heart. Tough to watch knowing how good he could be.

Someone will have to step up and make a play in the 2nd half.
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If Michigan wins, Barstool will be selling shirts with this image. Artwork by @ChaseGrizzly on X/Twitter. This image also will depict the regional and national conversation if that result comes to pass, IMO. No one has more on the line today than Ryan Day.
Did you read the whole story? Guy created a shirt with Portnoy on his knees, pantless in front of Harbaugh. Guy said if OSU wins, you have to sell this on Barstool website. Portnoy said if you create one for if Michigan wins that is equally as embarrassing, you've got a deal.
Even though the announcers said differently, Ohio State with the momentum now. Scored a TD, big defensive stop, and a narrowly missed FG to end the half.