Ohio State Sex Abuse Scandal


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Interesting, albeit lengthy, article on the Ohio State sex abuse scandal from today's SI.com-

Always amazed by how these guys can get away with it for so damn long.
There have always been sexual predators, and colleges have always been insulated from the outside...and full of naive kids and adults...so it's a perfect location for a pervert.

Anyway, I normally side against the institution in these matters....and I do in some degree with this...but what I don't like is this was all drummed up by that DiSabato dude. He's an ambulance chasing attorney who has been trying to bleed cash out of tOSU ever since he realized it was possible. He's been largely unsuccessful, so he keeps trying new avenues. So he is suspect, and I hate when these allegations are alleged after the defendant is dead. I believe the same happened at Michigan, recently. There's nobody to offer a defense, so the college has little choice but to settle. I also do not like that so many of the accusers who go public are in situations where they need money. It always seems a little dubious, where as I would give greater weight to the allegations if currently wealthy ex-athletes like Spielman, Jon Frank, etc., supported the lawsuit.

The thing I don't care for in the article is the use of so many anonymous sources. Not a fan. I don't doubt Strauss did some of this stuff, but there was plenty of time to address it while he was still alive and a comprehensive investigation could be done. And no, I'm not skeptical just because it's Ohio State. I'm just as skeptical of similar allegations in Ann Arbor. The Nasser/MSU and Sandusky/PSU matters seem far more supported.