Ohio State Buckeyes 2022


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Hello, new HC. Who ? Somebody start a thread, right ?

So now that we have a 22 point loss here, no shot at getting beat by Georgia in the first round. No B1G title game. I can’t see Day being invited to return, can you ?
I think he's back because it's unlikely there are many better options. I though, can see him jumping to the NFL. Then who? Fickell?


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I think he's back because it's unlikely there are many better options. I though, can see him jumping to the NFL. Then who? Fickell?
I disagree wholeheartedly.

Day looks the part and talks the part but he is NOT a HC.

He cares about his passing schemes and that is it. Since Urban left OSU's attention to detail has slowly eroded. Keep in mind, OSU out guns UM with talent by quite a bit.

Yes, Fickell would be better.

I enjoy wrestling

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Even if Clemson, USC, and LSU take L’s before selection Sunday I don’t want to see them slide in the playoff. Time to really reevaluate everything. Offer Vrabel the house to come coach. Don’t think he wants the stress of not being allowed to lose a game though.
A loss is a loss. Things don't go your ways sometimes. But, this isn't the case here. He hired the Defensive Coordinator and that's on him. He also controls the offense. This game destroyed the will. How would you feel if you were a Defensive lineman? Nothing went well and it's hard to swallow.


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Starts at the top.

Ryan Day was born on 3rd base.
I don't think they can/will this year. 45-5 record but has gotten rocked back-to-back years at the end of the season. Should they? You'd have to consider them an underdog going to UM next year with a new QB. I think he's toast if they lose again next year, especially by multiple scores.

I do, however, increasingly think the above record is due to out manning 95% or more of opponents. He increasingly doesn't look like a high-level HC and needs to make major changes, which I'd include offensive play calling among. He was not good this year in that role IMO. It needs to be given up along with hiring yet another DC.


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Might be better to turn it down and go to a minor bowl. Maybe in the season on a winning note.
With a team of freshmen and practice squad seniors ? Regardless of who the next opponent will be, maybe the only certain thing will be that first and high second rounders will sit it out ?


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Urban, please come home. If not, what doesn't Vrabel need to come home? This has been embarrassing 2 years running. Hasn't won this won since urban's talent played