Ohio State Buckeyes 2022

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Lol. Nice defense. Guess the Buckeye fans will have to stop talking crap about USC’s defense.

It’s true, it’s true. Trust me …


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These DB’s must be thinking too much in this new system. Burke looked like a future first round pick last year as a true freshman. Now he looks lost.


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LOL only considered by NFL scouts to be the no.1 pick in the draft. I guess it is Strouds fault when a lineman false starts or a receiver drops a pass.
They have to be in the vicinity of the receiver to be caught, right?

On that TD, he made the same pass most D1 QBs can make. But he had Marvin Harrison Jr to catch up to it and catch it. As for the NFL, time will tell, no pissing match to get into. I certainly have no wishes against him.

He'd better be on point because McCarthy has open receivers to throw to and Straud has covered receivers.