Ohio Ranked 4th Best State for High School Track and Field


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Not sure how they are quantifying that, but I do feel like Ohio is a relatively strong state in terms of top-end talent and depth year after year. We obviously can't live up to the depth of places like California, Texas, and Florida with their mega populations and year-round awesome weather, but compared to every other state? Yeah, we're pretty good.


What does 4th mean? Is it ranking by numbers of athletes competing or by quality of performances?


I think it may be more about some people's opinions touting which states have produced the most talented athletes. I couldn't find a simple chart to back this up, so I had to look up each state individually.On the NFHS website, for example, I checked out several of the trackconnects top ten states. Florida at #2 is only 8th in total participants.My rounded numbers for participation are shown in thousands.
1 Texas 127
2 Cal 110
3 Ohio 51
4 PA 49
5NY 45
5 IL 44
6 Mich 41
7 NJ 37
8FL 35
9MA and MO 28
11 GA 26and Wis
13 IN and NC 24
14 VA 20
Do not use this data for your doctoral thesis. It may be very flawed.I'm not sure why I wasted 45 minutes on this.Please feel free to point out any glaring errors.