Ohio HS Indoor Records - Girls - as of 1 November 2019


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As a prelude to the upcoming indoor track and field season, I am releasing my first edit of what would statistically be a compilation of indoor all-time "bests" for HS-aged athletes in Ohio that have at least at one time competed for their school at some point in either the indoor or outdoor season. As indoor track & field is not a recognized sport in Ohio, none of these are OHSAA approved, but that is really not important at this point in time.

I've done a great deal of research in compiling this initial listing, and while corrections / additions / changes are welcome, they must have some documentation of basic meet information as shown in the attached spreadsheet. All of these marks are statistically viable from multiple sources, and all track records of 200m or longer are those made on 200m tracks or less in length. Given the prevalence of major indoor meets in Ohio being hosted on much larger tracks, those marks, for statistical purposes, will go into another category. From a statistician's point-of-view, those marks are not eligible for "record" purposes; however, they are valid marks in another listing that is currently being compiled and will be released as an addendum to this initial listing prior to 1 January 2020.

Many sources have been researched in compiling this listing including, but not limited to the following:
Track & Field News (1980-onward)
HS Track - Many, but not all issues from 1978 forward
Dyestat Archives
All the timing companies that feed into Milesplit & Athletic.net, for which the "moder-era" (2005-onward) makes reporting SO MUCH EASIER today! A special shout out to all of them and their efforts!
Author's personal Archives of the past 40+ years.
The Late-Great Craig Whitmore's archives, Statistical compiler extraordinaire who compiled Ohio Track & Field for many years and helped OHSAA into better record-keeping.

It is my plan to release boys' version sometime in December. Research into those records is a more lengthy process, but much has already been done and will most likely be finished by the 1st of the year.

As for those races of 200m or longer held on tracks greater than 200m in length, as was mentioned, those records will be added most like before or during the early indoor season.

Also, initial listings of the girls' top-30 all-time in standard events (shown in the file) will be released before or during the 2020 indoor season. I would enjoy doing a men's listing as well, but that research involves a far greater time frame and most like won't be released until the 2021-2022 seasons.

As for all of my listings, ALL my postings are for FREE and anyone can choose to share them & use them in anyway they wish. Any timing companies wishing to add the information contained herein or in future all-time listings are welcome to do so. It is my little way of giving back to the sport.

Anyway, congrats to all the X-C participants, winners, and placers in yesterday's meet. Get some rest now! :)




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In case you are wondering about the 1600m & 3200m "records" as being non-legit for true record purposes given that they are converted times from the longer mile & 2-mile records, I would normally agree with anyone on this subject. The only caveat I make is that I could find no other performances even remotely close that were run over 1600m/3200m on legal-sized tracks. Not even in the ball park. Except for meets in Ohio, the mile & 2-mile are standard even at the high school level indoors. Finding 1600m/3200m only performances are not frequent, and even less so are any en-route times at the 1600m/3200m marks. That is why I'm listing the converted times at this juncture. If someone comes along and puts a performance that is statistically in the ball park (within 1 second) of either distance, I'll have no issue in changing the listed conversion.