Ohio Heritage Conference 2020-2021


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The Ohio Heritage Conference will be pretty competitive this upcoming season, especially in the south.

In the North, defending champions, West Liberty Salem, loses a talented senior class that made up most of their starting line up - with 2 kids returning.

Other North teams include:
Fairbanks (12-12)
West Jefferson (12-11)
Northeastern (8-15)
Mechanicsburg (7-14)
Triad (2-21)

In the South, defending champions, Greeneview, has most of their starting lineup and varsity players returning.

Other South teams include:
Cedarville (20-6)
Greenon (13-10)
Madison Plains (11-12)
Southeastern (7-16)
Catholic Central (6-18)

In my opinion, the North is wide open. I believe the South is going to come down to Greeneview and Cedarville again.