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With the football coach now removed and the major factor in Clear Fork leaving the OCC, will The Valley reconsider?? Or is it Dover until proven otherwise?? Good bye Mt Vernon!

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Kick mt Vernon out what a waste of time joining a league for what 5 years
They will only be in the league for basically 1.5 years anyways. So keep the scheduling as is. It's going to be hard enough to find replacements for the 24/25 season as it is. The question will continue to be is will Dover get in. Or will this cause even more changes down the road.


lol what purpose does it serve to "kick out" a team who already said they were leaving? Petty posturing? Yep.
Well that’s what they did to clear fork. I just think it was a waste of time adding mt Vernon back in the day they were not going to be happy with occ and now they are leaving