Ohio Capital Conference- how are divisions created?

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I'll be using the Pickerington Rd traffic light to recycle some cardboard here in about 5 minutes, but I'd like for them to remove that light now instead of waiting for the project to finish. Yeah. Bixby and Rager (apologies to Jerry) needed to close five years ago. Those clowns getting onto 33 at Rager because of the Winchester Pike shutdown are a highway safety menace.
Hurts my heart that Amanda Northern was lopped off ~20 years ago but they kept alive two invariably more-dangerous crossovers on the other side of Hill/Diley and Gender exits!

I live by, but not along, the proposed 33-to-70 connector. The warehouses (to be built) along 33 should’ve been the tell by now to nix Bixby and Rager. Hate it for Dill’s, but businesses along ye olde Cemetery Rd/Waterloo had to make do ~18 years ago. Ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. With that said, I’m reminded to get my poinsettia.


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The "TV and Logan will get killed" narrative is getting old! No one cares that literally every other school in the division will also get killed by PC. They are different! Now as for TV and Logan, both have freshman teams in basically all sports. Freshman teams with no one to play. No one in the MSL has freshman teams in anything. BC throws out a "C" football team to play TV's freshman team but still not a true freshman team. Without freshman competition, they can't find games, kids stop playing and entire programs suffer. Will it take some time to develop, sure but I truly think having true freshman competition in all sports will help development and is a great reason to join. Not to mention TV and Logan have facilities to rival ANY OCC competitor. TV and Logan's transition is not just for the 2024 season.... it is for the 2025, 2026, 2027 and beyond!
i think the simple solution is just move pick central to another division. it’s not doing either party any good. Logan vs Pick Central will be an all time mismatch. (somewhat) easy fix to this. don’t love Logan in the OCC but they will survive in most sports. Teays Valley would’ve joined the league at one point or another.