OH HS Girls' - All-Time Indoor - 60 Meters - Top 30


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Thank you for compiling and posting.

I'm optimistically anticipating and hoping that good things await Abby Steiner's indoor and outdoor seasons without a fall season of soccer preceding those and Kaylyn Heath's freshman season at Ohio State.


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Likewise. Even with Abby doing double-duty at KY last year sports-wise, and their coaching staff turning over, she still managed to improve. I'm willing to wager a little money she makes the OT trials final in the 200m. I think she's on target for that.


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Abby is probably at the healthiest she has ever started a track season. Here’s hoping you are correct JAVMAN.
I'm not surprised that she's healthy since she gave up soccer. Soccer is a great sport and I love the game but it is really hard on the body. Women, in particular, get a lot of injuries playing soccer.