Official- NFHS 12 Weight Classes

In a few years, 12 weight classes will be the National Norm for Varsity boys Wrestling.

NFHS has already determined that the new weight classes will be as follows:


This is official by NFHS.
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Jim Behrens

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While I have no proof one way or the other, I think this is kind of important.

It clearly states that all states will have a choice of 12, 13, or 14 weight classes for boys and for girls. However, the choice does not have to go into effect until 7/1/23. IOW, more than a year away.
So what you are telling us is that you have inside info that says that the changes which have not taken place in most states (Ohio is ahead of the curve) will be superseded almost immediately by a drop to 12 classes?
Color me skeptical.


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Has the NFHS run this by Wish You Were Here yet?
I’m still here.
The “Trolling Sarge” contacted me before he posted this new thread.
We decided that the part, “In a few years”, was vague enough to really put no importance in his statement.
I told “Sarge” that the NFHS had consulted with me, and these are the choices “in a few years”…
13 weights
108, 116, 124, 131, 138, 146, 154, 163, 172, 182, 195, 215, 285.
14 weights
same as it was last year.

Feel free to comment. ?


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We also discussed about going to 2 divisions “In a few years”.
If that does happen, then we would consider going to 15 weight classes.
The weights being looked at are …
104, 112, 119, 125, 130, 135, 141, 147, 154, 162, 171, 182, 195, 215, 285.
The reasoning was, “if we can lose a division, we have the room at State to gain a weight class”.
Duals aren’t important, so that aspect wasn’t even discussed.
Tournaments are the way to go.

Feel free to comment. ?
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