OATCCC Proposal To Be Considered By OHSAA


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Let football eat themselves from within with that. As for CC/Track, only the OHSAA can run these sports at a loss and step on the coaches and athletes feet by limiting participation at post season events (where you make your bank) and applying stupid rules that have no perceived advantages to them.


One factor people fail to consider in why regular season events make money and the state tournament does not is the presence of entry fees for regular season events. Charge "x" dollars times the number of teams in the event gives you a revenue foundation prior to the start of the event.


Members of the oatccc do most the prep work for the xc state meet and the ohsaa can easily make a profit with adding one more division.

The state track meet is very similar.

I still can’t get my head around why ohsaa complains about being in the negative with their funds when there is an easy solution.
Yes, Mr.Slippery, there is some beating of the dead horse (Centerville, headgear, Hebon, etc.)
What about the results?
I appreciate your incite to the teams and posting about their history. I hope this week will be about results and predictions. For me this is not my
favorite week, that is in August at the start when there are 30 or more to coach, this week only 7 and in a few days it will end. That sounded gloomy.
Ok, so I will get to a prediction about who will set the all time D2 low score at state. They were helped quite a bit by Shelby not qualifying, but should pull it off regardless. Unioto looks like second coming out of regionals, with Defiance and Bay close.


Just an FYI... the oatccc is meeting next Saturday to again work on 4 divisions for track to present again to ohsaa. They haven’t given up to fight for the right thing.

Let’s keep optimistic and hope oatccc is assertive, convincing, and ready to throw down.