Number of players for individual skill instruction outside of the school season increases to 6 at a time


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The board approved a joint proposal from the softball and baseball coaches associations that provides an exception within General Sports Regulation 8 to increase the number of team members permitted to be together to receive or defined no-contact period. Softball and baseball coaches are now permitted to provide coaching to a maximum of six members of their school team at the same time in all facilities.


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A little more info about this topic:

PROPOSAL TO ADJUST INDIVIDUAL INSTRUCTION REGULATION – APPROVED At the September Board of Directors Meeting, the OHSAA Board of Directors approved a proposal from the Ohio High School Baseball and Softball Coaches Associations to adjust General Sport Regulation 8, to provide an exception for baseball and softball.

This vote was approved 9-0. General Sport Regulation 8 references school coaches providing individual skill instruction to no more than four (4) members of their school team outside of the season and defined no-contact period, at one time in all combined facilities. Effective immediately, The Board of Directors approved an exception for baseball and softball, to allow coaches to work with no more than six (6) members of their school team at one time in all facilities.

There are several elements that are unique to the sport(s) of baseball and softball that allowed for approval of this exception for General Sport Regulation 8, most importantly the increase in opportunity and value to all baseball and softball student-athletes and coaches across the state.

Per General Sport Regulation 8, the purpose of the Individual Instruction rule is to provide coaches the opportunity to offer individual skill instruction outside the season and the no-contact period. The main parameters to this regulation are:

1. Instruction is defined as when the techniques and skills of the sport are being taught.

2. There can be no more than 6 players present at one time in any facility where the instruction is taking place. For example, you could not have 6 players receiving instruction out on the baseball field and 6 separate players receiving instruction in the gym.

3. There are NO exceptions to the limitation of 6 players like there may be in General Sport Regulation 7. There may only be 6 players present in all facilities, regardless of their previous season participation, regardless of grade, regardless of age—there may ONLY be 6. Please do not confuse the two Regulations.

4. There is no limit to the number of coaches that may be present. 5. Individual Instruction cannot be required of your student athletes.

The exception for baseball school coaches to provide individual skill instruction to no more than 6 of their student-athletes is for General Sport Regulation 8 only.

All other out-of-season regulations apply! I want to quickly mention to please thank the Ohio High School Baseball Coaches Association representatives for this proposal, as the voice of the baseball coaches in the state of Ohio.

This proposal was in favor by 99% of coaches that participated in the survey!