NSAF Officially Cancels Outdoor Nationals

Mr. Slippery

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I periodically checked the National Scholastic website up until about June 1 to see if the meet was scheduled to occur. Below is a timeline of alterations that were made to the meet's schedule.

April 28 - The meet was postponed to July 16-19 but was still going to take place in Greensboro, NC: https://www.nationalscholastic.org/outdoor_nationals/article/2512

May 11 - NSAF issued a survey to gauge how much interest there would be if the meet was moved from Greensboro, NC to Sioux Falls, SD: https://www.nationalscholastic.org/outdoor_nationals/article/2519

June 4 - NSAF relocated the meet to Sioux Falls, SD and postponed it to July 30-August 2: https://www.nationalscholastic.org/outdoor_nationals/article/2525

June 16 - NSAF made the decision to officially cancel the meet for 2020: https://www.nationalscholastic.org/outdoor_nationals/article/2529

Somewhere in the middle of this timeline, New Balance opted not to renew its contract as the title sponsor and is planning to launch its own series of national meets: https://www.nationalscholastic.org/article/2515