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Ten of the top eleven teams from Indiana and the top 2 teams from Illinois are atteding (not to mention Jesuit from New Orleans, currently #3 in the country).
Yeah, Jesuit, Carmel, bunch of team from Indy and Illinois. Should be a fun one to see how it shakes out. Great course too although, I'm not a fan of how long that finish straight is. Seems like it takes forever for it to come. It's great for fans though.


Lancers lead the way!
The 2012 St. X team finished third at the Midwest regional and got an at-large bid to the national finals in Portland, Oregon. Controversy swirled around the statement from the OHSAA that X couldn't accept money from Nike to go to the finals, so X raised the money to pay for the trip for them to run under AMDG. The OHSAA under pressure from the state coaches association subsequently dropped that rule .
It was in 2013 that St. X got an automatic bid by finishing second. St. X' s Evan Stifel won the race and shocked the world.