Night of Rage


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You are so disappointed at the lack of one even took a dump at the capitol. #deplorable.


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Go Buckeyes
Night of rage....extremist rage

Police said a group of protesters was crossing Second Street SE along Eighth Avenue SE legally; then the light changed, which gave the right-of-way to the truck driver.

That’s when police said an altercation happened between the driver and one of the protesters. Darin Luneckas, a personal injury attorney at Luneckas Law, said a portion of the so-called “Back the Blue” law passed last year could play a role. Part of the law gives immunity to drivers if they are safely trying to maneuver through protestors.

Protesters were the instigators. Glad the man and his wife survived this attack by the angry mob. Feel bad for the couple when someone tried to hijack their vehicle by grabbing the steering wheel. I hope these thugs who attacked the truck are charged with their crimes.


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