NFL DRAFT 2018 Predictions And Other Chat

With the 2018 NFL Draft arriving, I am putting together some thoughts I think will take place. The Cleveland Browns are in trouble. If they take two of the sure-fire players they can build around them and start fresh. Lets face it, they have not had an elite RB since Jim Brown. They need to take Saequon Barkley first overall, after passing on Fournette last draft. With the fourth pick they need to take Minkah Fitzpatrick. That guy will be a stud at the next level. They need 3-4 great drafts. They do need a QB because they have not had an ELITE QB(Kosar was not HOF elite), since Otto Graham. In fact the only two players since the 50's they had worth bragging about was Ozzie Newsome and Joe Thomas. THATS IT!! You tell me anyone else and I will speaks facts on how you are dead wrong.
I been hooting and hollering about how good Jacksonville will be. But it came sooner than I thought. They draft the BEST PLAYER AVAILABLE, not really what they need. Unless you need a QB, I would go for the best most sure fire player available. If I have A.P. in his hey-day with a good QB and the best player is a RB, guess what? Yep, I will have two in my backfield.
Here are other predictions I have in mind..
#2 New York Giants - Josh Rosen
Pittsburgh I believe need a MLB but will go for Lamar Jackson.
Oakland Raiders need need need to take Derwin James, I beleive he is gonna be awesome and they NEED a safety. But knowing them, they will take a DT.
Bengals are in trouble as well.. They need to draft a coach.
So I am gonna move on to something crazy. I will be laughed at. I am gonna catch hell for this but I am gonna make a prediction about the draft of 2019. Everyone will call me crazy. Lets go to the fun stuff first, I beleive there will be 4 Defensive Tackles drafted in the top 7 of the draft.
- Ed Oliver could be the second pick of the draft. He is the best DT prospect since Suh.. Sidenote, Steve Emtman was better than Suh in college and should have been the second defensive player to win a Heisman, first being Hugh Green.
- Nick Bosa will be top 5.
-Rashan Gary will fall no lower than #7.
- Dexter Lawrence DT from Clemson could go in the top 7 as well. Which brings the count to 4 top 7 DT's in the 2019 draft class.
Now for the crazy prediction, I beleive its gonna be a weak QB draft for 2019. But there is one guy who could and may go #1 overall. He may not be a national title winner or even win his conference, but Michigan has a QB coming in with a few decent weapons. Shea Patterson could be the best QB Prospect in the 2019 class. And could show a lot of potential. You can go 7-6, if you look like a pro QB you will be treated as such.
Overall 2018 draft could be about a 7/10. But look for the 2019 draft to be about a 4/10. It will be much better than the 2013 and 1992 draft, but no where close to the 2011, 2014, and the 2016 Draft Class.
I picked the Alabama Crimson Tide to win the national title on September 1st, 2017. I am gonna do something I have not done since 2006. I strongly believe Ohio State will win a national title in 2018. I might not pick them for many years, but for this year, WOW! This team is loaded. These guys are gonna come arms swinging. Very tough road game in Happy Valley. But without Barkley and a few others, I believe OSU will win by 6-10 points. Georgia will be very tough as well. But if Urb goes to the NC game, he wins.
I hope everyone enjoys this coming year and draft. And no worries if your a New England fan, youll have a 6th ring in a few weeks. New England Patriots are biblical. Cant bet against them. You have God as Coach, Jesus as QB, and Rob the Baptist. And satan singing on the chorus. Cant lose. No Way!!