NFL and Congress should mandate that contact football starts in the 7th grade.

Stirred not Shaken

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Many problems solved by doing so.

Kids, who are not yet mature enough hitting each other is no good. Also, kids mature at different rates and I have seen countless kids who have dropped football because of that very fact. Many of these kids grow to become big mature kids. Many of the little 'studs' do not.

Play flag through 6th grade. Work on throwing, catching, running, moving your feet, etc...Heck, give em helmets for 6th grade so they can get used to it for the next year.

This also solves the majority of coaches at the 3rd through 6th grade teams giving their one big stud 38 pitch tosses a game.
Yeah, the Feds or NFL know how to raise our children better than we do, the whole Hillary Dillary it takes a village to raise a child nonsense. Simple if you don't want your child to play pee wee tackle don't, keep the Feds and NFL out of it.