NEW Rankings - July 23


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Made a few last minute changes...

D1: 182, 195
D2: 145, 152
D3: 120, 132, 145, 152, 160, 182, 195

I will not make anymore changes until next Tuesday.
FYi - Luke Marsh (145 - D1) wrestled 138 at the Harrison Duals vs Roncalli & Brownsburg (and I know he lost to Campbell). I was hoping to see him vs Viduya (#1 at 145) but the match didn’t happen.

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I am still looking for results from the following events:

Hillsdale Invitational
Marysville Duals (I seen a blurry Springboro/Graham box score and all of Delaware Hayes’ results on ITC)

You can email me if needed
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