New coach interview: Donald Smith (Wright State)


Well-known member
Name: Donald Smith
School: Wright State University
Position Coach: Special Teams Coach

What made you want to get into coaching?

I've always wanted to coach and when I was doing my campus tour I signed up to play but then asked our president for the team if they were looking for a coach and enjoying my time.

What is it like coaching at Wright State?
It's a brotherhood even with the season over we are all still talking from coaches to players.

Could you explain to our readers what club football is?
Many times, club sports are student-run and receive little financial aid from the school.

To help promote the program can you let the readers know where you play your home games?
Mulholland field in Fairborn, OH

What is recruiting like for a club football team?
It's hard due to us not being able to hand out football scholarships and players have to pay a fee to play to help cover the travel and hotels

Staying with the recruiting theme what area do you guys try to recruit from?
Ohio due to being able to get instate pricing for school

Does Wright State play in a conference or are they play an independent schedule?
Great Lakes

Did you play football in high school and then in college? If so where?
Did not play in high school played 1 year at Olivet before leaving for the military

Which coach or coaches have been the biggest influence on you as far as sports go?
I would say our defensive coordinator Nolan.