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Is 42 your point guesstimate for Woodridge? Seems a little high to me. High 20s-low 30s.
I went back and reworked my numbers. 42 probably is not a bad guess but I think it is still a tad high. I'm coming up with between 35 & 38.

Accounting for the competitors out of Tiffin is tough when considering point projections because the Boyer Hedges course is so fast. The first two finishers there, Brown and Bronson, ran really fast but would not have been nearly as fast at any of the other three courses, particularly Boardman or Troy. That said, Brown is the probable D2 champ and Bronson is a good bet for 2nd. It is the guys that follow them that are a bit harder to project.


Woodridge- yea high 30’s is realistic for sure.

As far as the courses, Tiffin and Pickerington ran so much faster than Troy, straight mud by the D2 Boys race. I’m not saying the Troy teams are top 5 teams, but I do think Carroll, West Liberty-Salem, and Maderia are potential top 10 teams.

I agree, after those two Individuals it’s really hard to project who’s 3rd through 20th.

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You're believing too hard
I have a hard time believing 3 Troy teams will beat St. V-M. St. V-M beat Carroll at All-Catholic at midseason which was on Carroll's home course. I could see Carroll getting the better of it at state since their #2 is running much better now than he was at that time, but no way do I see 2 more teams from that region beating St. V-M.


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All the runners for Carroll that ran at the Regional ran at the All-Catholic meet. Looks like $V$M also ran their Regional Roster.
West Salem beat SVSM at Tiffin, and were third at Troy. Plus as mentioned before Carroll would have beaten SVSM if their 2 was healthy as he seems to be now. I think CCFreak has it closest but I'd move Poland around Heath or Troy's first team.