NE Regional Meet


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I have been to the other Regional meets over the years. It's been a long time since I was at Pickerington, so it might have changed. The awards ceremony and announcing of results etc. at Boardman are terrible. Especially in comparison to the other 3 Regional meets. The concession trailers need to be moved and have that area as an awards/ announcement area. Troy does a great job for awards. Not even sure Boardman does them anymore. There should at least be some organization to it. This is something that is much much worse than when I used to run. It is inconsistent as to how long after a race they make the announcement of which teams made it to the state meet and when the protest period begins and ends. Other than that, they do a nice job. Traffic is good. Parking is OK. But make the send off better than, "wait, what did they say?"


Agreed. Boardman could do better in this area.
I will say something to their people when I get the chance.