NCAA Rankings 2/23/21 - I'm Back (Kerk), and Other B10 Seeding Chaos


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NCAA Rankings 2/23/21 - I'm Back (Kerk), and Other B10 Seeding Chaos

Well, the regular season is over and we'll move ahead to B10s after a week off. There's always some controversy in seeding meetings, especially when you don't have any established guidelines like the B10. So where do you seed a guy like 285 Kerk PSU with two college matches under his belt? He's 2-0 w/ pins over the MARY starter and his backup, who have a combined record of 0-18. Everyone knows he's a world level talent, but also a guy who has been hampered by injuries. After mulitple knee surgeries, he's reportedly missing an ACL. And his latest injury was upper body (I think). If you put him ahead of MARY and no one else, at a 13 seed he'd go against the 4 seed right off the bat (maybe Luffman ILL). If you just acknowledge his talent and want the best guys seeded properly, it would be hard to seed him any higher than 4th, behind Steveson MINN, Parris MICH and Cass IOWA. So, maybe it doesn't matter which of those two scenarios fit. If he goes somewhere between 4 and 13, it could cause some issues. Steveson and Parris will get a bye, but then could face Kerk in their first match w/ a 7, 8, 9, or 10 seed. Cass would see him 2nd round w/ a 6 or 11 seed.

The other weight that could ensue in chaos is 133. Micic MICH has gone 2nd 3rd and 4th at NCAAs but hasn't wrestled a match this year. And you have 3 undefeated guys at that weight, 2 of whom are AAs, RBY PSU and Desanto IOWA. And if Micic doesn't go you have a pretty good backup in Ragusin, who has split time between 125 & 133. I could see him placing as high as 3rd at 133 or 2nd at 125. If he's at 125 where's at 3-0, I'm not sure where he gets seeded, as this is a very crowded field looking to finish runnerup to Lee.

I'll do a pre-pre-seeding for B10s later this week. The official pre-seeds come out Monday I think. W/ Kerk in, I think PSU claims the favorite spot as runnerups to IOWA over Mich, if Micic doesn't go. If Micic does go, then it's likely a tossup.

I'll do Team Top 10 later this week. Let me know if I missed any Ohio guys.
Now on to the rankings...

1 Spencer Lee Iowa
2 Drew Hildebrandt Central Michigan
3 Brandon Courtney Arizona State
4 Taylor LaMont Utah Valley
5 Sam Latona Virginia Tech
6 Jakob Camacho North Carolina State
7 Dylan Ragusin Michigan
8 Liam Cronin Nebraska
9 Malik Heinselman Ohio State
10 Brody Teske Northern Iowa
11 Eric Barnett Wisconsin
12 Patrick McKee Minnesota

1 Daton Fix Oklahoma State
2 Stevan Micic Michigan
3 Roman Bravo-Young Penn State
4 Mickey Phillippi Pittsburgh
5 Austin DeSanto Iowa
6 Sammy Alvarez Rutgers
7 Korbin Myers Virginia Tech
8 Michael McGee Arizona State
9 Jamie Hernandez North Carolina
10 Jarrett Trombley North Carolina State
11 Matt Schmitt Missouri
12 Chris Cannon Northwestern

1 Jaydin Eierman Iowa
2 Nick Lee Penn State
3 Sebastian Rivera Rutgers
4 Allan Hart Missouri
5 Ian Parker Iowa State
6 Dom Demas Oklahoma
7 Chad Red Nebraska
8 Tariq Wilson North Carolina State
9 Zach Sherman North Carolina
10 Cody Trybus Navy
11 D.J. Lloren Fresno State
12 Dresden Simon Central Michigan

1 Austin O'Connor North Carolina
2 Sammy Sasso Ohio State
3 Brock Mauller Missouri
4 Boo Lewallen Oklahoma State
5 Andrew Alirez Northern Colorado
6 Max Murin Iowa
7 Bryce Andonian Virginia Tech
8 Jarrett Degen Iowa State
9 Kanen Storr Michigan
10 Michael Carr Illinois
11 Beau Bartlett Penn State
12 Josh Heil Campbell


1 Ryan Deakin Northwestern
2 Hayden Hidlay North Carolina State
3 David Carr Iowa State
4 Jesse Dellavecchia Rider
5 Kaleb Young Iowa
6 Brayton Lee Minnesota
7 Kendall Coleman Purdue
8 Brady Berge Penn State
9 Will Lewan Michigan
10 Jarrett Jacques Missouri
11 Justin Thomas Oklahoma
12 Jacori Teemer Arizona State

1 Alex Marinelli Iowa
2 Shane Griffith Stanford
3 Travis Wittlake Oklahoma State
4 Mekhi Lewis Virginia Tech
5 Anthony Valencia Arizona State
6 Jake Wentzel Pittsburgh
7 Zach Hartman Bucknell
8 Danny Braunagel Illinois
9 Keegan O'Toole Missouri
10 Ethan Smith Ohio State
11 Jake Keating Virginia
12 Tanner Skidgel Navy

1 Michael Kemerer Iowa
2 Mikey Labriola Nebraska
3 Demetrius Romero Utah Valley
4 Carter Starocci Penn State
5 Logan Massa Michigan
6 Kaleb Romero Ohio State
7 Andrew McNally Kent State

8 Daniel Bullard North Carolina State
9 Michael O'Malley Drexel
10 Hayden Hastings Wyoming
11 Peyton Mocco Missouri
12 Austin Murphy Campbell


1 Hunter Bolen Virginia Tech
2 Aaron Brooks Penn State
3 Trent Hidlay North Carolina State
4 Lou DePrez Binghamton
5 Parker Keckeisen Northern Iowa
6 Brit Wilson Northern Illinois
7 Chris Weiler Wisconsin
8 Sam Colbray Iowa State
9 Layne Malczewski Michigan State
10 Owen Webster Minnesota
11 Jeremiah Kent Missouri
12 Tate Samuelson Wyoming
20 Rocky Jordan Ohio State


1 Eric Schultz Nebraska
2 Myles Amine Michigan
3 Jacob Warner Iowa
4 Kordell Norfleet Arizona State
5 Tanner Sloan South Dakota State
6 Stephen Buchanan Wyoming
7 Noah Adams West Virginia
8 Nino Bonaccorsi Pittsburgh
9 Jay Aiello Virginia
10 Greg Bulsak Clarion
11 A.J. Ferrari Oklahoma State
12 Cameron Caffey Michigan State

1 Gable Steveson Minnesota
2 Mason Parris Michigan
3 Tony Cassioppi Iowa
4 Matt Stencel Central Michigan
5 Cohlton Schultz Arizona State
6 Greg Kerkvliet Penn State
7 Gannon Gremmel Iowa State
8 Ethan Laird Rider
9 Jordan Wood Lehigh
10 Luke Luffman Illinois
11 Christian Lance Nebraska
12 Trent Hillger Wisconsin
18 Tate Orndorff Ohio State
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Here's the Team Top 10:

1 Iowa 148
2 Penn State 78
3 Nebraska 64
4 Virginia Tech 59
5 North Carolina State 59
6 Arizona State 59
7 Oklahoma State 57
8 Michigan 56
9 Missouri 49
10 Iowa State 42
11 Ohio State 39

MICH falls all the way from 2nd to 8th w/o Micic in the lineup. And actually, IM still had Micic in, so suck off another 4 pts from their 56 and they have 52. PSU is looking like a stronger favorite for runner-up, and NEB, VT, NCST, AZST, OKST, and MICH all have a reasonable shot at 2nd. tOSU will battle to get into the top 10.