NCAA Rankings 11/27/2019 & Who's Number 1


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The big news...
After #4 tOSU and #9 OKST dropped duals to lower ranked teams last week, #2 PSU (feels so good to say that) followed suit, losing to #5 AZST 19-18. This ends a 60 match dual meet win streak that started in 2015. PSU dropped bouts at 125, 149, 157, 184 & 197. You can makes up some excuses at 157 (Berge is out), 184 (Shak is out but would have lost to Zahid anyway) and 197 (Beard can pull the RS), but this is a PSU team with some holes and some questions. 125 & 149 just don't look very good, 157 Berge has been out for over a month (concussion) and I'm not sure he's more than a bubble (7th-R12) when healthy, 184 Shak is slowly coming off knee surgery and has been hit or miss at NCAAs, and Beard may not pull the RS, or if he does how good is he? Beard has a loss to UR Bulsak, Clarion. One thing is clear at 197, Conel doesn't look like the guy who knocked off Moore twice in 2018 at NCAAs.* The loss secures IOWA as the new #1, although the race is really tight and it's still November.

Other big news...
#1 IOWA had an interesting dual w/ IOWA ST with 3 upsets on the books. Ohio's #11 (at the time) David Carr made the most noise knocking off #2 (at the time) Young 6-1. Other upsets had #5 (at the time) Lugo beating #4 (at the time) Degen, and 184 UR (at the time) Brands (yes, the coaches son) beating #7 (at the time) Colbray. What is not known at 184 is whether Brands was a fill-in for #9 (at the time) Wilke or if he's the guy here now. Brands is listed as a 165 on the roster, so he may be a fill-in.

And maybe the biggest news...
The poll had a lot of movement as Iowa replaced PSU as #1, altho not unanimous (TW has PSU #1). tOSU rose 6 pts as Singletary is getting some love along with Romero to a lesser extent, and Sasso is finding forgiveness by some pollsters for getting pinned by UR Moore, VT. OKST's lineup is in chaos (who's on first?) as 2x AAs Brock (injured) and Smith have yet to take the mat, and AA Geer has wrestled at two weights.

Now on to the rankings...


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These rankings compile the average rankings of five venues - Amateur Wrestling News (AWN), Intermat (IM), The Open Mat (TOM), Trackwrestling (TW), and Wrestler Insider Magazine (WIN). Last year Flowrestling (Flo) was included but they took their rankings behind a paywall this year so they won't be included unless that changes (which I doubt). When one or more of these venues do not submit a ranking, then the compilation will be of those venues that did. This week all 5 submitted rankings. I will focus on the top four teams and the normal standard bearers are the top four - PSU, tOSU, IOWA and OKST. IOWA and PSU are clearly 1 & 2 this year, altho the order is in doubt as the season begins. The battle for 3rd is very crowded. I will always include tOSU and will include OKST for now unless a clear selection for the 4th team develops. I give each team an average ranking for their lineup, awarding advancement and placement points (no bonus pts). The plus/minus is the difference between this week and last week.

Weekly Rankings
1 IOWA 113 (minus 1.5)
2 PSU 105 (minus 10)
3 tOSU 55.5 (plus 10)
4 OKST 42 (minus 2.5)


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Who's Number Three?

As stated above, tOSU standings in the team race is uncertain with 3rd place up for grabs. IM has them 4th (WIS 3rd), TW has them 3rd, WIN has them 4th (WIS 3rd) and TOM has them 4th (WIS 3rd). Looking at 10 different colleges that are competing for the 3rd place slot, the current landscape for the top 8 looks like this:

3rd Ohio State 58.5*
4th Wisconsin 58
5th Nebraska 53
6th Arizona State 52
7th Northern Iowa 50.5
8th North Carolina State 48
9th Oklahoma State 47.5*
10th Iowa State 43

*These numbers are different than what I use in the Top 4 calculation above, due to using IM's team points which include bonus pts. Other venues do not use bonus pts, nor do I.


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tOSU has 3 wrestlers ranked in the top 8. Here's the list of Ohio wrestlers ranked Top 8 by IM, including affiliates.

1 Luke Pletcher Ohio State

2 Dom Demas Oklahoma
7 Josh Heil Campbell
3 David Carr Iowa State
2 Alex Marinelli Iowa
7 Ben Darmstadt Cornell
1 Kollin Moore Ohio State

6 Matt Stencel Central Michigan
7 Chase Singletary Ohio State

Consensus #1
197 Kollin Moore Ohio State

Other tOSU ranked wrestlers:

149 Sasso #12, 165 Smith #12, Romero #19

Let me know if I missed any OH guys in the top 8.


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Sasso drops to 12th?dont really think they think he is 12th best.Funny how they do these.
The other polls had him 5 (WIN), 6 (TW) and 12 (AWN). CKLV will clear things up for tOSU next week. We’ll find out who’s a contender and who’s a pretender.


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The other polls had him 5 (WIN), 6 (TW) and 12 (AWN). CKLV will clear things up for tOSU next week. We’ll find out who’s a contender and who’s a pretender.
And my money is on Sasso to be a contender.