NCAA D3 Central Regional top 8, Ohio's D3 New Power Rankings, and NAIA Coffee Talk:


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A month of competition is in the books and week 3 was a upset smorgasbord in every division.
Division 1's David Carr, Iowa State 6- 1 decision over Iowa's Kaleb Young resonated the
loudest, but there was a match that might have rocked more; Otterbein's 18.) Jackson Lasko
( Central Crossing) was victim of number 1 ranked Levi Englman, Ferrum comeback/ overtime
win. Some guys are moving around weight classes in order to accommodate the dual portion of
the season for their team or acclimating to weight cuts.

18 teams make up the central regional, 12 of them from Ohio ( 4. Wabash College, 6.
University of Mount Union, 7. Baldwin Wallace University, 21. John Carroll University, 25. Olivet

Central Region top 8:

125- 4. Champagne(Wabash)4- 0, 7. Perelka (John Carroll)4- 2, 20. Wieczorek(Alma)9- 3 , 24.
Hornbuckle ( Mt.St.Joe)7- 4, 26. Stanley (Baldwin Wallace)4- 2, Stephenson (Manchester)4- 2,
Mahlich (Olivet)5- 5, Cooley/ Gerback( Mt.Union)3- 1/ 8- 3
*Beltran(Defiance)5- 6; season is not going to plan, having to MFF in 2 tournaments( account
for 4 of his losses).

133- 10. Massey(Mt.Union)9- 3, 15. Lakso (Otterbien)7- 1, 19. Transue (Ohio Northern)11- 1,
14. Lomenick (Wabash)4- 4, Craft(Baldwin Wallace)5- 2, Brainard (Heidelberg)3- 1,
Smith(Adrian)8- 3, Frisch (CWRU)5- 4
*Thomas(Mt.St.Joe)7- 4; good start for frosh has potential but inconsistent.

141- 1. James (Mt.Union)5- 0, 4. Ladd(Alma)7- 0, 5. Nash( Baldwin Wallace)5- 1, 15.
Doster(Wabash)9- 2, 16. Brezovec (John Carroll)2- 2, 21. Andrews (Ohio Northern)10- 4,
Bates(Heidelberg)8- 3, McClanahan (Mt.St.Joe)10- 4
*Wallis (Olivet)7- 3; this weight is so ridiculously deep this early, I'll be surprised if no one makes
a move come post season revelation ( the truth will be shown). Wallis 3 loses were to the last
three guys in 3- 1, 2- 0, and 4- 1 defeat ( not hard to turn around in a rematch).

149- 2. Cooper(Alma)4- 0, 4. Hernandez (Mt.Union)1- 2, 11. McHugh (Baldwin Wallace)5- 1, 18.
McGraw (John Carroll)6- 2, Mandell(Olivet)8- 2, Phillips(Manchester)2- 1, 23.
Nieman(Adrian)11- 2, Sumner(Ohio Northern)9- 2
*Barr(Wabash)8- 4; will have opportunities to get in the gang; he is good enough in this being
another deep weight.

157- 1. Pugh( Mt.Union)5- 0, 4. Bethel (Wabash)5- 1, 7. Bleich (Baldwin Wallace)6- 0, 20.
Rasler(Trine)5- 1, Arney(Manchester)1- 0, 25. Kinjorski(Olivet)5- 2, Wittman (Ohio
Wesleyan)15- 5, Caprella (Ohio Northern)10- 2
* Whitten (Otterbien)15- 3; this frosh will put heat on this weight class and the first dish for this
monster is Ohio Northern on 12/3 and the monsterball( Ohio Northern Invite) on 12/7. Damm or
Miller(Heidelberg)9- 5/8- 5 are tip toeing and grabbing ankles for anyone caught slipping.
December is gonna be the month of giving L's for this region.

165- 3. Hatch(Wabash)6- 0, 14. McIntire (Mt.Union)4- 0, 20. Gross(John Carroll)3- 2, 23.
Briggs(Olivet)11- 2, Collier (Case Western Reserve)6- 4, Plaisir (Otterbien)10- 4, Duvall
(Adrian)9- 3, Hoof(Baldwin Wallace)3- 1
*Sr. Hoof is a returning regional placer( in his sophomore year) seeing action for the first time
this season at the BW Invite. After a shortened junior season, this monster will be hungry and
help Baldwin Wallace as regional battle comense this month. Hadrick of Ohio Northern has
been out of action since the beginning of the season and godspeed on his return; in his
sophomore year, should be a valuable asset to the polar bears' campaign. Spears (Defiance)
has my attention after pinning Brady(Lourdes), who did pin Gross( Mt.Union).

174- 1. Schurg(Wabash)6- 0, 20. Reinhart ( Mt.Union)4- 2, 21. Slagle (Heidelberg)11- 4, 23.
Warden( Olivet), 26. Miller(Trine)3- 0, Didion (Otterbien)9- 4, Moore (Adrian)8- 4, Lowry(Ohio
Wesleyan)9- 7

184- 3. Roth(Heidelberg)14- 0,
13. Herrin/ Schurg(Wabash)3- 1/8- 3,
17. Bunsold(Otterbien)13- 2,
20. Carver(Trine)2-0, Whitis (John Carroll)4- 1, Emery(Adrian)12- 3, Spurlock (Ohio
Wesleyan)10- 6, Salmon (Baldwin Wallace)3- 2

197- 4. Lehman (Baldwin Wallace)5- 0, 8. Pingel (Adrian)12- 0, 5. McCloud (Mt.St.Joe)9- 2, 15.
Thompson (Ohio Northern)11- 1, Fox(Alma)8- 3, Setliff (Otterbein)10- 4, Talbert (Mt.Union)4- 1,
Piggott (Olivet)1- 2
*Piggott (Olivet) was ranked 7th at 285 before giving 197 a try. This region is one of the, if not
strongest at 197 and just placing for some will be mercy to Madam Luckofthedraw and she don't
play nice.

285- 1. Kasper (Otterbein)11- 0, 4. Ripple (Wabash)9- 1, 17. Espinoza (Adrian)13- 0, Miller
(Olivet)7- 1, 21. Levis (Baldwin Wallace)8- 3, Sauerwein (Mt.St.Joe)9- 4, Ransom(Alma)10- 5,
Martin(Mt.Union)1- 0
*Martin maybe a disturbance in the force for this weight class. The senior is returning from an
injury Junior year and has the past body of work( 3x- SQ, 2x-SP for D1 Uniontown Lake h.s.) for
him not to eat good.

Ohio D3 Power Rankings:
1. (6) Mt. Union
2. (7) Baldwin Wallace
3. (21) John Carroll
4. Otterbein
5. Ohio Northern
6. Mt. St. Joe
7. Heidelberg
8. Ohio Wesleyan
10. Defiance
11. Muskingum
12. Wilmington


12. Lourdes University is formidable and demonstrated their prowess at the JCU Duals. The
team went 4- 0 and gave 21. John Carroll a 24- 16 defeat. The outcome could of, would of,
should of been different if some of JC guys were in the line up; I should of been a hall of famer
for eating pancakes. Tristan Brady pinning Sam Gross was a highlight of the dual. Half of the
squad(125,141,149,165,174) are ranked top 2 in the conference. All the other weights, except
133 are ranked.

Thomas More's Jones @184# is top 2 in the Mid south conference and nationally @9.
Barge,133#, and Caniglia,197#, are having a good 1st month of season and will have more
opportunities to get better. Getting in that top 3 or 4 spot makes a big difference in the
conference they're in. The more guys that finish in the final rankings of a conference, the more
bids that weight will be given for that conference.

With no action this past holiday weekend, I had to give the junkies a little something to hold
them over until next weekend. Hopefully a lot of guys are acclimated to college and can now
focus on wrestling ( school and wrestling). More upsets and new names await the wrestling
world to talk about in the months ahead; month number 1 and we just barely scratched the

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The dual between Mount Union and BW tomorrow should be a good one! On paper it looks like it is going to come down to bonus points.


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By that reply, it seems you have an opinion on this match, I’m heading up to watch, what’s your take?
It would be a surprise to see all the starters go head to head; if so, will everyone be at the weights they are going post season? Hernandez has been out and wonder if he'll be back to battle McHugh. Give us the results if you can. Appreciate it. Regardless, will be a great night of wrestling.


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Thanks for the report. A huge gap between 6th and 7th ranking.
A few take aways from the match. As team, Mount wrestlers were more physical and pushed the pace of the matches. They also appeared to be the more conditioned team. I believe this is the first time Mount has had their entire starting line up. It seems Mount Union was slightly underrated.


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Mount Saint Joseph will be adding the services of Cornell Beachem, possibly this weekend at the Ohio Northern Invite to boost that team's potential.