NBA Formally Proposes Lowering Draft Age Limit To 18


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USA Today’s Jeff Zillgitt reported this afternoon that the NBA has submitted a formal proposal to the NBPA to allow 18-year-olds to be eligible for the NBA Draft by 2022. The current rules require players to be 19 before they can be drafted, and lowering the age limit would be the first step towards eliminating the one-and-done rule that has been in place since 2005. This news comes one day after Zion Williamson suffered a scary-looking knee injury, though the report clarified that the timing is purely coincidental.


I think the threat of guys skipping college to play overseas or in the G league is becoming a bigger scare and they need to do something to reduce that factor.


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Bad idea. Some of these one and doners will get destroyed in the G league. You have guys in their mid 20's there who are finished products. They can't wait to crush some of these kids.
I honestly think this will go in place, but you'll see most kids still opt to go to college. Still the best training ground, both physically and mentally to get to the next level. You take the percentage of kids who THINK they are one and dones, and the ones who actually can to it and it's huge.


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14red is a pizzy who keeps dodging people asking him to answer simple questions about outrageously dumb claims he makes


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Can't wait to take effect,clean up college hoops with athletes that don't want to be in school.