National MS Duals Nov 12-13 Glass City Center


Congrats to all of the Teams that participated in The National Middle School Duals! The level of wrestling was impressive. Many thanks to OAC, Ohio wrestling officials, Rudis, Defense Soap, Destination Toledo, and our volunteers for helping make the event a success as one of the premier national youth dual tournaments in the country.

Final standings are listed below and listed in Track.
Gold Pool
1st Place - Team Revival (NJ)
2nd Place - POWA (CO)
3rd Place - Mat Assassins (PA)
4th Place - Dynasty Death Row (NJ)
5th Place - Roundtree Wrestling Academy (GA)
6th Place - Minions Black (GA)
7th Place - Aggression Legionaries (WA)
8th Place - Team Ohio (OH)
Silver Pool
1st Place - M2 Blue (NJ)
2nd Place - PA Alliance
3rd Place - Team Missouri (MO)
4th Place - Junior Terps Xtreme (MY)
5th Place - Team Gotcha (IL)
6th Place - Thorn Wrestling (MN)
7th Place - Junior Terps Xpress (MY)
8th Place - LaCrosse Area Wrestlers(WI)
Bronze Pool
1st Place - Team 922 (OH-PA)
2nd Place - Elite Ath Club DZ (IN)
3rd Place - Beast Mode (OH)
4th Place - Burnett Trained (OH)
5th Place - Illinois Menace
6th Place - M2 Red (PA)
7th Place - Indiana Outlaws
8th Place - Minions Green (GA)
Cooper Pool
1st Place - West Virginia
2nd Place - Dundee Wrestling (MI)
3rd Place - Legacy National
4th Place - Olympia (NY)
5th Place - Legacy Red (IN)
6th Place - Elite Ath Club WE (IN)
7th Place - Death Squad Wrest (IN)
8th Place - Zeus Wrestling Club (MI)


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Thank you for doing this for the state of Ohio! It ran extremely smooth. Duals were long because of incredible matches.


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Gio Aranda of Burnett Trained (OH) went 8-0​

David Crawford of Team Ohio (OH) went 8-1 **Gold Pool​

Collin Bagdonas of Team Ohio (OH) went 9-0 **Gold Pool​

Cohen Reer of Team Ohio (OH) went 8-1 **Gold Pool​

Tommy Wurster of Beast Mode went 7-1​

Weston Borgers of Beast Mode went 8-0​

Grey Burnett of Burnett Trained (OH) went 7-1​

Kane Shawger of Dynasty Death Row (NJ) went 7-0 **Gold Pool​

Blaze VanGundy of Beast Mode went 8-0​

Brayton Feister of POWA (CO) went 7-0 **Gold Pool​

Danny Zmorowski of Junior Terps Xtreme (MY) went 7-1​



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i havent been able to watch yet, but gohiocasts has a lot of videos up. should be cool to watch a lot of these kids go at it with an announcer. pretty cool stuff that zeb miller is doing