Napoleon D-3 District Rankings (Off-Season #1)


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I know that it’s early to be posting these, and we don’t know what next season will look like in the fall. Honestly, these are just for entertainment anyway, so I might as well post them during this empty period.

These initially rankings are just last year’s weights with the seniors taken out. I’ll start to move wrestlers around as the off-season progresses.

The freshmen are those listed in Boro Fan’s thread about incoming freshmen. Some were listed with 2 potential schools (and I just took a guess), so let me know if there are any that are mislabeled, or if there are any wrestlers who will be transferring schools.

* = unsure about participation

# = 2nd wrestler ranked from the same team. I’ll rank an extra wrestler at these weights.

1. Max Hermes- (Milan) Edison (SQ)
2. Michael Judge- Oak Harbor (SQ)
3. Thayne Kleman- Bluffton (SQ)
4. Evan Hanefeld- Delta (SQ)
5. Riley Hanefeld- Delta#
6. Nick Roberts- Plymouth (5th district)
7. Jeff Camp- Patrick Henry (6th district)
8. Harley Stoll- St. Paul
9. Vince Monnin- Tinora

Incoming Freshmen:
Casper Caizzo- St. Paul (5th, 3rd middle school state)
Marcus Medina- (Milan) Edison (8th middle school state 2019)
Mason Miller- Archbold
Trevor Wilcox- Otsego

1. Zack Mattin- Delta (SQ, 1st, 7th state)
2. Jarod Fantauzzi- (Milan) Edison (SQ)
3. Jayden Strickland- South Central (SQ)
4. Riley Prosser- St. Mary C.C. (SQ)
5. Hayden Kuhn- (Ashland) Crestview
6. Bryce Maynard- Eastwood (6th district, SQ 2019)
7. Tyler Davis- Oak Harbor (5th district, SQ 2019)
8. Tayton Kleman- Bluffton

Incoming Freshmen:
Ashton Homan- (Milan) Edison (7th middle school state 2018)
Lance Overmyer- Woodmore (7th, 6th middle school state)

1. Gavin Owens- Eastwood (SQ, 2nd state)
2. Alec Homan- (Milan) Edison (SQ, 6th state)
3. Christian Lecki- (Millbury) Lake (SQ)
4. Aiden Naseman- St. Paul (6th district, 6th district 2019)
5. Jace Margraf- Mohawk
6. Emmett Perry- Liberty Center (5th district)
7. Carson Chiesa- Delta
8. Zach Laplante- Toledo Christian

Incoming Freshmen
Kohen Horvath- (Milan) Edison (6th middle school state 2019)
Brodie Dominique- Archbold
Devin Farley- Otsego

1. Brandon Hahn- Eastwood (SQ, 4th state)
2. Hunter Vogus- (Milan) Edison (SQ)
3. Andrew Francis- Archbold (SQ)
4. Gabe Meyer- Delta (5th district, 6th district 2018)
5. Donovan Farley- Otsego (6th district)
6. Lee Borders- Patrick Henry
7. Landon Emch- Woodmore
8. Cross Fetter- St. Mary C.C.

Incoming Freshman:
Anden Ankney- Tinora

1. Casey Barnett- (Milan) Edison (SQ, 5th, 1st state)
2. Caden Crawford- Hopewell-Loudon (SQ)
3. Dylan Matthews- Liberty Center (SQ, 7th state)
4. Cade Petersen- Oak Harbor (SQ)
5. Xavier Escobedo- Eastwood
6. Dru Baker- Liberty-Benton (6th district, 6th district 2019)
7. Ryan Prosser- St. Mary C.C.
8. Luke Bischoff- Seneca East

Incoming Freshmen:
Wilson Grubb- McComb? (6th middle school state 2019)
Kasen Wellman- Ayersville

1. Kaden Basil- Bluffton (SQ)
2. Kaden Blair- (Sherwood) Fairview (5th district)
3. Jayce Helminiak- Delta (6th district)
4. Andrew Helmke- Tinora
5. Owen Tong- Tinora#
6. Kage Briggs- (Ashland) Crestview
7. Ryan Gross- St. Paul
8. Robbie Jacobsen- Oak Harbor
9. Kenyon Cathey- New London

Incoming Freshman:
Luke James- (Milan) Edison

1. Connor Smith- Gibsonburg (SQ)
2. Will Stieber- St. Paul (5th district)
3. Evan Perry- Delta
4. Bryce Hesselbart- Eastwood (6th district)
5. Bryce Wise- Seneca East
6. Gage Summit- Carey
7. Dino Donaldson- Van Buren
8. Keagon Henry- (Millbury) Lake

Incoming Freshman:
Tyler O’Brien- Otsego

1. Shadrick Slone- (Milan) Edison (SQ)
2. Jimmy Recknagel- Eastwood (SQ)
3. Colton Sparks- Plymouth (6th district)
4. Luke Delano- Ayersville
5. Kaleb Barnes- Delta
6. Mason Oliver- Elmwood
7. Jack Zeitzheim- Oak Harbor
8. Grant Young- Van Buren

Incoming Freshman:
Cameron Urivez- Tinora

1. Gunnar Endicott- Elmwood (SQ)
2. Landon Cook- (Milan) Edison
3. Camren Foster- Liberty Center
4. Cameron Overmyer- Woodmore
5. Danel Smith- Monroeville
6. Remington Bauer- (Milan) Edison#
7. Hunter Schmoekel- Northwood
8. Brady Conine- Arcadia
9. Hunter Grunden- Tinora

1. Carson Meyer- Archbold (SQ)
2. Logan Llyod- (Milan) Edison (SQ)
3. Max Hoffman- Delta (SQ)
4. Ben Meyer- St. Paul
5. Brier Godsey- (Ashland) Crestview
6. Cole Junge- Otsego
7. Race Gorrell- Liberty-Benton*
8. Jackson Wilson- Bluffton

Incoming Freshmen:
Jaxon Jeremy- Otsego
Owen DeWeese- McComb

1. Wyatt Miller- Oak Harbor (SQ)
2. Jacob Thompson- (Milan) Edison (SQ)
3. Mikey Brzeczek- Woodmore (5th district)
4. Ian Saunders- Swanton
5. Jon Rothhaar- Willard
6. Gavin Wurm- Montpelier
7. Konner Logston- Elmwood
8. Dominick Whetsel- Gibsonburg

1. Cade Limes- Otsego (SQ)
2. Nathan DiRe- Liberty-Benton (SQ)
3. Zane Finley- Lucas (5th district)
4. Logan York- Evergreen
5. Aidan Godsey- (Ashland) Crestview
6. Zane Hagemeyer- Elwmood
7. Kaeden Wentz- Carey
8. Kenyon Adkinson- Oak Harbor

1. Austin Kohlhofer- Delta (SQ)
2. James Clouse- Mohawk (SQ)
3. Javen Gaines- Tinora (6th district)
4. Jackson Berardi- (Milan) Edison
5. Wes Bowers- Fairview (Sherwood)
6. Isaac Carmen- Carey
7. Dylan Mersch- Liberty-Benton
8. Hayden Dickman- Archbold

Incoming Freshman:
Abe DeLano- Ayersville

1. Brodie Stevens- Swanton (SQ)
2. Tyler Bowman- Eastwood (6th district)
3. Tayven Halbisen- Gibsonburg
4. Matthew Berger- Liberty-Benton
5. Tyler Martin- (Sherwood) Fairview
6. Jose Bejarano- Patrick Henry
7. Hayden Morse- (Ashland) Crestview
8. Zane Gaines- Tinora

Incoming Freshman:
Ethan Crawford- Genoa

1. (Milan) Edison
2. Delta
3. Eastwood
4. Oak Harbor
5. (Ashland) Crestview
6. Elmwood
7. Bluffton
8. Otsego

A special thanks to Boro Fan for all the insight into the weights of the wrestlers, Baum’s Page and Jake’s Wrestling for all of the results that they provide, and to any of the other wrestling nerds that actually read these things.

-Max Pearce