MVAC Football 2020


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Week 1 finally in the books. No surprises in the “old” tier as Springfield, WR, McDonald all won comfortably and Jackson-Milton beat Lowellville in a back and forth game. The “new” tier saw champion upset Crestview with Labrae and Brookfield cruising to big wins.

T1- Jackson-Milton 1-0
T1- McDonald 1-0
T1- Springfield 1-0
T1- Western Reserve 1-0
T5- Lowellville 0-1
T5- Mineral Ridge 0-1
T5- Sebring 0-1
T5- Waterloo 0-1

T1- Brookfield 1-0
T1- Champion 1-0
T1- Labrae 1-0
4- Newton Falls 0-0
T5- Campbell 0-1
T5- Crestview 0-1
T5- Liberty 0-1

Week 2 sees Reserve hosting Springfield as the top game in the old tier while Brookfield at Labrae as the key game in the new tier

Week 2 schedule:
Springfield at Western Reserve
Lowellville at McDonald
Jackson-Milton at Waterloo
Mineral Ridge at Sebring

Brookfield at Labrae
Campbell at Crestview
Newton Falls at Liberty
Champion at Southeast
Obviously most people are on the Tigers this week and should be. What does WR have to do to have a chance? RB ran for 240 last week, albeit against the Vikings of Waterloo. It was probably because of the rain, but last week WR was in an offense straight out of 1950s. Good luck Blue Devils, beat the Tigers.


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They’d need to force a few turnovers, break a few big plays and get ahead id say. I don’t see WR moving the ball consistently and slowing down that Tiger offense they’ll need some help with turnovers
WR’s tailback has 240 last week in those conditions. That’s a lot yards.I don’t care who you are playing. I haven’t seen too many WR running backs go for 200+. Bolton and Gatrell are the two that come to mind recently. Since the starter got hurt for WR, does anyone know much about Altiere? I don’t recall seeing him much last year, he’s gonna need another big game for the Blue Devils to have a chance.


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McDonald leads Lowellville 28-6 at half. Pretty ho hum, Blue Devils offense has run at will but no big plays. Lowellville’s only td came on a busted coverage td pass.


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McDonald cruises 48-12 with the jv playing the 4th quarter. Lowellville puts their varsity back in after having the jv in to score a td with 1 min to go, then ran a fake FG pass on the xp that ended up incomplete.

Blue Devils offense looked good, both Schadl
and Gilligan well over 100 yards rushing each, with Hawk and Carkido both having good games running jet sweeps and bubbles. Defensively the pass D will need to get much better, but the front 7 was very good.
At half Springfield 10 WR 0. A very good game from both teams, WR’s defense is pushing the Tigers hard.
Agree, thought the Blue Devils had a great game plan. Controlled the ball, played good defense as long as they could. Kept 21 on the sideline, but boy when he was out there was he special.Game was closer than the score, turning point on the muffed punt. Two weeks in and I do not think the program is dropping off as some would think. Obviously it’s a long year. Good showing for the Blue Devils tonight


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Week 2 scoreboard
Scarlet (I guess the tier names are scarlet and grey) tier:
Springfield- 31
Reserve- 0

McDonald- 48
Lowellville- 12

Jackson-Milton- 50
Waterloo- 16

Mineral Ridge- 53
Sebring- 14

Grey tier:
Brookfield- 35
Labrae- 7

Crestview- 59
Campbell- 0

Liberty- 25
Newton Falls- 14

Southeast- 19
Champion- 6

T1. Jackson-Milton 2-0
T1. McDonald 2-0
T1. Springfield 2-0
T4. Mineral Ridge 1-1
T4. Western Reserve 1-1
T6. Lowellville 0-2
T6. Sebring 0-2
T6. Waterloo 0-2

1. Brookfield 2-0 (2-0)
2. Champion 1-1 (1-0)
T3. Crestview 1-1 (1-1)
T3. Labrae 1-1 (1-1)
T3. Liberty 1-1 (1-1)
T5. Campbell 0-2 (0-1)
T5. Newton Falls 0-1 (0-1)


Man, Lowellville's defensive and offensive line is nonexistent. I think they would be tremendously better if they had some size. Good game to McDonald, though. Good luck against Springfield!!!! Give em a good fight!


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Week 3 schedule
Scarlet tier:
-McDonald (2-0) at Springfield (2-0)
-Western Reserve (1-1) at Mineral Ridge (1-1)
-Sebring (0-2) at Jackson-Milton (2-0)
-Waterloo (0-2) at Lowellville (0-2)

Grey tier:
-Garfield (2-0) at Brookfield (2-0)
-Labrae (1-1) at Crestview (1-1)
-Liberty (1-1) at Champion (1-1)
-Newton Falls (0-1) at Campbell (0-2)

Some nice matchups this week. McDonald-Springfield is the WKBN GOTW this week. McDonald’s last trip to Springfield was the Tigers last regular season loss, 20-17 in 2018. Springfield is a heavy favorite this Friday and McDonald will need to really improve their pass D if they want to keep it close.

Brookfield-Garfield is a nice battle, and while it’s technically OOC, it is a preview of next year when Garfield joins the league. Labrae-Crestview should also be a decent matchup.
Any last minute thoughts on the games tonight?
My picks
-McDonald (2-0) at Springfield (2-0)
-Western Reserve (1-1) at Mineral Ridge (1-1)
-Sebring (0-2) at Jackson-Milton (2-0)
-Waterloo (0-2) at Lowellville (0-2)
-Garfield (2-0) at Brookfield (2-0)
-Labrae (1-1) at Crestview (1-1)
-Liberty (1-1) at Champion (1-1)
-Newton Falls (0-1) at Campbell (0-2)
I’m not as familiar with the programs of the last 4 pairings, but I tried my best. Hoping for some good hard fought games tonight!!
Also, I think that McD and Springfield game is definitely going to be action packed. I think my Tigers will roll with the W but it’ll be probably the hardest game Springfield will play in the regular season.


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Springfield is damn good and imo this team will end up better than last years. They don’t have a game breaker like Walker on the outside but Beau is that much better than a year ago and they’re just really solid across the board. Just a wealth of talent.

As for McDonald a lot to learn from this game. Definitely a bit shell shocked from the talent level, one of the issues with no scrimmage and first 2 games being Sebring and Lowellville. Then when McDonald started getting some footing late in the first half on D Springfield scores on a reverse pass and next possession hook and ladder. Schadl had a really good game running, probably about 140 or so yards. I thought McDonald did well up front, but Springfields backers were really good at getting to the football. Hopefully this game can be used to get better playing a caliber team like that. The brightest spot of the night was the freshman rb at the end taking McDonald JV down the field for a td.
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Garfield 46
Brookfield 7

half-time score was 17-7

Brookfield starting QB did not play in second half, heard it was an ankle injury?
The undefeated Blue Jays taking on the Blue Devils this week. I haven’t been this nervous about a Blue Jays squad since 2015. The running back is obviously a stud. Who else will be giving the Blue Devils some trouble? How is the passing game? I’ll take my Devils in a close one