Mvac 2019


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Coming into this game these are the playoff implications for both teams (thanks to F50) assuming both lost to Springfield:

A win for WR and they are in good shape to qualify, a loss and they aren’t dead but will need some things to go their way to get in.

A win for McDonald and they’ll put themselves in a position to likely host the first round. A loss likely eliminates any home playoff game but McDonald should be safe to qualify as long as they beat Waterloo, Sebring, Milton, Lowellville.


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Gameday! Can’t believe it is already week 5. JM at Ridge is an intriguing game and a big one for the Jays. I got Ridge as a 2 td favorite. And of course the battle of the blue devils. Hoping McDonald can continue improving and play their best game so far, and not have a repeat of Columbiana. Best of luck to all


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Looks like McDonald will be without by far their best lineman (and only returner from 2018), in a walking boot. Gonna make it even tougher tonight.


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Reserve wins 26-15. McDonald just had no shot up front once their 2nd best DL got injured in the 2nd Quarter. WR was able to just pound away. McDonald had life in the 3rd getting the ball back only down 14-7 but couldn’t get anything going. Going to need to get healthy up front going forward.


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Ouch!!! You just can't do that in the big games. Do you think McDonald still has a shot at the playoffs kingpin?
Yup, gotta cash in when you get close. That said McDonald was already down their anchor up front, then lost their next best DL in the first half. By the 4th quarter WR firmly established dominance in the trenches

McDonald still looks to be in good shape to make it at 6-4. Not sure the extent of the big guys injuries, but they’ll need them back if they want to make any noise in the post-season.

Btw, congrats on your Raiders big win!


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Week 5 scoreboard:

Springfield 51
Waterloo 0

Western Reserve 26
McDonald 15

Mineral Ridge 25
Jackson-Milton 12

Lowellville 29
Sebring 12

T1- Springfield 5-0 (2-0)
T1- Western Reserve 4-1 (2-0)
T3- Lowellville 4-1 (1-1)
T3- Mineral Ridge 4-1 (1-1)
T3- McDonald 2-3 (1-1)
T3- Waterloo 1-4 (1-1)
T7- Jackson-Milton 3-2 (0-2)
T7- Sebring 2-3 (0-2)

The playoff picture (using F50):
-Springfield is a lock to make it and host in D6 R21

-Western Reserve just needs to not trip up and at 8-2 is in good shape to get in R21 (81% chance). If they can upset Springfield have a shot at hosting.

McDonald is in similar position as WR, just not trip up and in good position to make it at 6-4 (86%) in R25.

Lowellville and Milton both took big hits to their playoff chances with Toronto’s upset. Lowellville has the clearest path, beat Ridge and Milton the next 2 weeks and they’ll have a decent shot. Milton will need to beat Lowellville and either pull a big upset or get a lot of help.

-Ridge technically is still alive but they’d need to upset WR or Springfield.


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McDonald beats Waterloo 48-31. Blue devils did everything they could to lose this game. The first half they threw a pic on the Waterloo 1, fumbled on the Waterloo 1, and threw a pick that was returned for a td on the Waterloo 10 (with the refs controversially picking up a defensive PI flag). McDonald also committed multiple silly penalties erasing big gains. Waterloo got some confidence and their qb made a couple nice plays against McDonald’s weak secondary. Overall a wins a win, but that was as ugly as it gets against a bad team


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Wild ending between Lowellville and Ridge last night. In the last 4 minutes the score went from 14-7 to 28-20. Rockets won and it was huge for their playoff hopes. They have a must win against Milton next week

Speaking of JM, perhaps the most shocking score was them only losing to Springfield 14-8 at half. Of course though the Tigers turned it on in the 2nd half

Week 6 scoreboard:
McDonald- 48
Waterloo- 31

Springfield- 49
Jackson-Milton- 8

Western Reserve- 56
Sebring- 0

Lowellville- 28
Mineral Ridge- 20

T1- Springfield 6-0 (3-0)
T1- Western Reserve 5-1 (3-0)
T3- Lowellville 5-1 (2-1)
T3- McDonald 3-3 (2-1)
T5- Mineral Ridge 4-2 (1-2)
T5- Waterloo 1-5 (1-2)
T7- Jackson-Milton 3-3 (0-3)
T7- Sebring 2-4 (0-3)

Week 7:
Mineral Ridge at Springfield
Waterloo at Western Reserve
Sebring at McDonald
Jackson-Milton at Lowellville

Obviously the Milton-Lowellville game is the best and most important game. Lowellville can put themselves in great position to get into the post-season with a win, but a loss and they’re likely out. Milton with a win may have an outside shot of being on the bubble.


Lowellville has to not only win against JM, but they have to most likely win out. And after watching last nights game. I don't see that happening. I maybe wrong, but to say they end season 6-4 at best if they beat JM.


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Lowellville has to not only win against JM, but they have to most likely win out. And after watching last nights game. I don't see that happening. I maybe wrong, but to say they end season 6-4 at best if they beat JM.
If they beat JM and Waterloo they’ll be on the bubble. I don’t expect them to be competitive with McDonald or WR. Lowellville was lucky they got MR in week 6 when Ridge lost about 5 starters that were transfers including by far their best player. I don’t think they’ll beat JM and Waterloo will be tight, but they play the games for a reason


Waterloo is no where as bad as their record would suggest. They have a nice QB and a couple of decent receiver. Which could cause problems.


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Waterloo is no where as bad as their record would suggest. They have a nice QB and a couple of decent receiver. Which could cause problems.
I agree, especially on the qb he has a good arm and makes plays with his feet. Their line play is awful though. I think they’ll have a decent shot at beating Ridge-JM-Lowellville


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Since someone brought it up, Im surprised there hasnt been much conversation about the transfers coming into Ridge and helping out the win total


Here we go, WR vs. Waterloo, on a Thursday evening! Seems a little odd, WR at home on a Thursday, I understand the stadium issues at Waterloo, but playing on Thursday instead of Friday?? Anyone know the reasoning behind this?

WR just needs to not stumble a couple more weeks...


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No school this Friday for teacher conferences. usually there are a couple Thursday games in the area when the teacher conference/no school long weekend occurs. I think this year only Western Reserve scheduled a game. In the past I remember seeing Howland play on Thursday.

Having the night off of work I'm planning on checking out the Blue Devils tonight. I would expect a blow out, but I have heard that Waterloo's record is deceiving, that they are better than the 1-5 record would indicate. I guess we'll see.


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WR will put a running clock if they don’t turn it over a zillion times. Waterloo’s qb is solid and they’ve got some decent receivers but they’re bad up front. I wouldn’t be surprised if Waterloo ended up beating Milton, Ridge, and/or Lowellville


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Austintown and Niles primarily, with 1 also from McDonald. But yeah Ridge probably only beats Sebring the rest of the season


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Lowellville got a crucial win over JM tonight. Rockets may be able to get the 8 seed in R25 if they can beat Waterloo week 10. Springfield is locked. WR and McDonald both just not need to trip up and they’ll get in.

Week 7 scoreboard;

Springfield- 58
Ridge- 13

Western Reserve- 48
Waterloo- 0

McDonald- 48
Sebring- 21 (Trojans scored all 21 in 4th against McDonald youngsters)

Lowellville- 22
Jackson-Milton- 14

T1- Springfield 7-0 (4-0)
T1- Western Reserve 6-1 (4-0)
T3- Lowellville 6-1 (3-1)
T3- McDonald 4-3 (3-1)
T5- Mineral Ridge 4-3 (1-3)
T5- Waterloo 1-6 (1-3)
T7- Jackson-Milton 3-4 (0-4)
T7- Sebring 2-5 (0-4)


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McDonald beats Milton 35-8. Blue Jays were dead set on playing keep away and shortening the game, which they were able to do in the first half. McDonald made some adjustments at halftime and cruised.

WR destroyed Lowellville as anticipated, 55-6.


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Week 8 scoreboard:

Springfield- 51
Sebring- 8

Western Reserve- 55
Lowellville- 6

McDonald- 35
Jackson-Milton- 8

Waterloo- 27
Mineral Ridge- 21

T1- Springfield 8-0 (5-0)
T1- Western Reserve 7-1 (5-0)
3- McDonald 5-3 (4-1)
4- Lowellville 6-2 (3-2)
5- Waterloo 2-6 (2-3)
6- Mineral Ridge 4-4 (1-4)
T7- Jackson-Milton 3-5 (0-5)
T7- Sebring 2-6 (0-5)

Week 9 features the game of the year in the MVAC with WR traveling to Springfield. MVAC crown pretty much on the line. An interesting tidbit about this game is it’s very likely going to be happening again in 2 weeks.

Week 9:
Western Reserve at Springfield
McDonald at Lowellville
Sebring at Mineral Ridge
Waterloo at Jackson-Milton