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Figured we'd move this to its own discussion so as not to derail the "What are you Watching?" thread.

How would you rank connected Movie/TV franchises?


Star Wars
Marvel (MCU)
Harry Potter
Pirates of the Caribbean
Mission Impossible
Indiana Jones
Lord of the Rings/Hobbit
Toy Story

You can rank by quality, favorite, or both.
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I'd put my favorites as:

1) Marvel/MCU - What they've accomplished with 30 movies and nearly a dozen TV shows thus far is remarkable and won't ever be topped.

2) Lord of the Rings/Hobbit - the LOTR trilogy is near perfection, and while some don't like them, I think the Hobbit movies are excellent. Then add in Rings of Power which had a very promising 1st season.

3) Star Wars - While I genuinely enjoy all of the movies (yes, even Rise of Skywalker has a lot of moments to like), I recognize that they don't compare in quality to the top 2. That said, Star Wars is very much aided by their TV options. Andor, Obi-Wan and Mandalorian have all been great. As was Star Wars: Rebels, and while I didn't love it, Clone Wars is also very highly regarded.

4) Jurassic Park - I find every entry to the franchsie to be a hell of a lot of fun.

5) Mission Impossible - This was a tough one for me at 5 between Mission Impossible and Pirates of the Caribbean, but I give the nod to Mission Impossible due to it's quality.

As far as Quality rankings:

1) Marvel/MCU - Even if you don't love every entry, you can't discount the sheer difficulty of what they've achieved.

2) LOTR/Hobbit - Every entry has been top notch IMO. They'd be #1 if it weren't 7 projects for them vs 42 (and counting) for Marvel.

3) Mission Impossible - 6 entries so far, and 4-6 are some of the best action films you'll find. I still argue that Rogue Nation may be the most perfect action film ever made.

4) Harry Potter - movies 4-8 are all great IMO.

5) Star Wars - again I think while some of the movies have been hit or miss, they are propped up by some excellent TV.