Mogadore @ Springfield playoff rematch


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What do the Tigers have returning next year besides the QB?
They have a decent amount coming back. There are lots of junior starters. I have been told that their junior class is loaded with talent. One more year for WR and the rest of the MVAC to endure then hopefully they come back to earth.

There aren’t too many Springfield posters on here but they can probably enlighten you more.
What do the Tigers have returning next year besides the QB?
Mostly everyone, although they’re losing their kicker (#1) who has a leg of steel. Off the top of my head, Seandelle Gardner #8 has had some big plays recently and he’s only a sophomore. #5 Nick Slike is a junior, he’s had big plays, same with Bo Snyder #31, #72 Zeek Worsencroft as the defensive end. There’s alot of up and coming talent in the 8th/9th grades as well, but a few key players will be gone.


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Congrats Springfield in a very nice win.
Their D was outstanding and Beau Brungard was the difference maker for the Tigers.
Mogadore coaches have to be kicking themselves for only attempting 1 or 2 passes (there were 2 sacks also) in the first 3 quarters.
They had an advantage with #3 against Springfield’s secondary but didn’t capitalize until it was over at 21-0.


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Pretty much as I expected. I was hoping Mogadore would have a "nothing to lose" attitude and try a more open offensive strategy, but they looked like they tried to run clock and keep the score down. Cats defense was good ... but you can't stop them every time. Brungard is pretty impressive - doing literally everything for Springfield - with a great supporting cast.