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This topic came up on some other threads last week. Lots of folks said "no big deal" b/c college & pros do talk about injuries. But, yeah, it is different.
Have had a few folks come "at" me on this so I'll leave it with - highly recommend you don't post about the medical conditions of other people's children in a chatroom for people with an unhealthy fascination with high school football. After all, we're all freaks. Everyone one of us that logs on here. It's just those of you who seek/share medical information about kids . . . you ain't right.


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I think if it's a point blank injury. There's nothing wrong with saying I hope so and so is alright after leaving the game yada yada. Dedicating a thread to a injury is a little weird I agree with you there. No harm in asking if a player is expected to play or not in a upcoming game. Imo.