MLB's Yankees And White Sox To Play At 'Field Of Dreams' Farm


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If they appear, "Shoeless" Joe Jackson and Archibald "Moonlight" Graham will only be there in spirit. But for one night, big leaguers will play baseball at the Iowa farm that was made famous in the beloved film Field of Dreams.

The New York Yankees and Chicago White Sox will face off at the Dyersville, Iowa, farm next August, Major League Baseball announced Thursday. The game will count as part of the regular season — starting a three-game series between the Yankees and White Sox. The two teams will then have one day off as they travel to Chicago to finish out the series.

The game is slated for the night of Aug. 13, 2020 — three decades after Field of Dreams debuted in 1989. But Aaron Judge and his fellow MLB stars won't be playing on the same diamond that was created for the Kevin Costner movie. Instead, they'll play at a temporary 8,000-seat ballpark.


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Would be great to see them host a game at League Park in Cleveland. Probably could get more than 8000 seats in there if they wanted to.


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Went there in 2017. It was surreal. Literally in the middle of nowhere. No gates no fences. We got there late and there was nothing going on but we walked the field. It was October and they were combining corn, but kept about 15 feet of it where the fence woulc be