Midwest Athletic Conference 2022


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Do they still have bicycles where you live?

Secondly, you are going to have to tell me the district that has the school a 30 minutes drive from the outer most point in the district. 20 miles to the school?
LOL. Yes but unless you want to die you aren't riding a bike to the school. That would be pretty dangerous.

Secondly, it's not the mileage as much as it is the roads. There is really no easy way to get anywhere in our district. I went to Google maps and threw in some of the players addresses to the school. A kid might live 13 miles away but have a 27 minutes drive because they are driving on 25 MPH roads up and down hills, crossing RR tracks, very curvy, etc. You are looking at about a 45 minute drive from tip to tip of the district. We have a lot of kids who spend over an hour on the bus in the morning or afternoon.

Back in the 80s my school actually had what was called a practice bus. After all the practices ended some of the kids would get on a bus that would go east to a central point to meet parents and another bus would head west to a central point to meet families. Every once in awhile and old timer will still complain that we got rid of the practice busses and they aren't voting for any levies because of it LOL.

Also, there is really nothing around the school. The school is located in the middle of a designated flood plain (high on a hill) so there isn't much built around the school. People who live in our various towns never drive by the school on their way to anything else (like work). It's out of the way to go there. We have ZERO walkers.


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MAC peeps....
What's your guess...

What percentage of your players live 10 min or less from school?

CW ID say 90%

We are so blessed that our school AND amazing park are so centralized that many, kids and fans, can and do walk or bike to school and events.

So many places the ahools are being built well outside if village proper
So I typed some of our juniors address to see the distance to our high school where the weight room is located. One kid was under 10 minutes. A couple of 13s, a 15, an 18 and some over 20.

Just to add to what you are saying in the winter the roads to the eastern side of our district are treacherous. We get a lot of snow days because of it but when winter weather hits its not like the kids can get to the school easily.


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For the most part. Coldwater has a weird shaped school district so the very outer fringe of Coldwater district might be a half hour. From St Anthony to Coldwater High School is 13 minutes according to Google maps
Yeah, that is one strange district shape LOL. It's almost surprising it was never cut into two districts the way it is shaped.

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Don't have that answer. My guess is the protestants didn't want to go-to school with the catholics
Of course this was 70 years ago. Personally i don't think Celinas school district makes sense in spots either.
That section from north of 29 to Kable Rd on 49 is all messed up by Duesway. You go from Coldwater to small Celina section back briefly to Coldwater until Kable Rd where it becomes Parkway.


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to the Flyers and cardinals...... congrats to be able to practice on Thanksgiving.... all your hard work has paid off, go make your towns proud of you!!!

To all the coaches not only in Football but in ALL sports, thank you for putting all your time in coaching our boys and girls... you make a difference...... a BIG THANKS to ALL of you!!!


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Probably none of my business, but still I'm curious. When you watch the movie Red Dawn, which side do you pull for ?
When OSU football loses, my heart grows three sizes, just like the Grinch. I just don't root for Michigan either.

And in Red Dawn, I root for the original movie, not the remake. Patrick Swayze all the way.

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Probably none of my business, but still I'm curious. When you watch the movie Red Dawn, which side do you pull for ?
Never watched it. I'm not a big movie guy. I live off of sports, so the movie better have football or a sport I have interest. With so much sports at many levels, who has time for movies when you have a family, job, and church?


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Ohio State has more talented players than Michigan does. Michigan, however, seems to be better coached.

I can agree that Marion Local is better coached than Coldwater, but I don't know that the Cavs have better players than Marion does.
More slanted towards the fact that one team tries to be out fancy, and other other tries to bully you.....

No Coldwater had a player who played with a broken leg, at OSU players sit with sore hamstrings.
Best. Post. Of. 2022.