Michigan coach Juwan Howard takes swipe at Wisconsin men's basketball assistant after loss


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The strength coach for Wisconsin that executed a near flawless DX style crotch chop managed to get off without a fine or suspension.

I enjoy wrestling

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It's all the new age crap. Howard should of reached out to Wisconsin coach and apologized. Or at least hold a press conference. I don't hear any remorseful thoughts.


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You can handle that with a phone call or text, you don't have a right to stop my progress to force me to hear your point of view.
The original touch where Gard touched his arm/chest wasn't really any different than the several previous pregame and postgame handshakes between the two that have been circulating on film. These guys appear to have at least been on respectable if not friendly terms prior to this.

Gard looked very surprised/caught off guard until he blew his fuse after being cussed at a second time when Howard dropped an F bomb at him.

It comes down to Howard being a horrible loser with a short fuse. He needs to get out of amateur athletics and go back to the pro game or he badly needs some mentorship. It would be a good time for the Miami Heat brain trust that he was with for a decade to step in and give him some guidance.


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Howard's rear hurt because his team was outplayed and beaten by a better team. If by Howard's convoluted logic that the game was over, then why was Michigan pressuring the ball in the backcourt against Wisconsin's bench? Howard could have called off his dogs, but he didn't. Michigan was playing as if it was a one of two possession game that was still winnable. Gard would have been happy to bring the ball to the frontcourt and dribble out the clock, but Howard wouldn't allow that. How that game finished as time expired is completely on Howard.

As far as the altercation, this is what I saw. As Howard approached Gard in the handshake line, he lowered his mask and without even looking at Gard talked smack as he tried to slip by. Howard couldn't even sack it up enough to look Gard in the eye when he decided to talk chit. Is Howard so entitled that he believes he can talk smack without some blowback? Who does Howard think he is? If the roles were reversed would Howard just take it and walk away if Gard talked chit to him? I think we all know the answer to that.

Greg Gard should not have put his hands on Howard. But I seriously doubt that any of us would have done anything much differently if we were Gard in that situation. I have yet to hear any report on what Wisconsin assistant coach Joe Krabbenhoft said during the altercation.

Howard was definitely bush league on a couple of counts. Combine this with the death threat from last season, I'm surprised he still has a job. Loose cannons eventually go off.