Meticulous Review of SWOTCCCA Individual State Track and Field Champions File


Lancers lead the way!
Some 33 corrections/additions were made to the SWOTCCCA State Individual T&F champions file. Updated file is here for additional review/evaulation.

Most additions were adding the year the particular athlete was in school at the time of the performance.

A footer was restored indicating city or state record.

Carl Ward of Taft was deleted as a state champion in the 100y in 1963. The top three finishers all were given the same time but Ward was given a third place.

Joe Saunders of Glendale was restored as a state champion in the 220y for both 1934 and 1935 class B with the same time both years of 22.6

In some events a relay team was listed without the names of the team members. This happened with De Porres 4 x 220 and 1964 4 x 440y

A dispute exists on how to spell the name of David Pool(e) from CAPE who was on the winning 1985 4 x 100. Some claim the name was spelled Pool while others say it should be Poole. At present it remains Pool.

There is confusion on a member of the 1997 Princeton team that won the 4 x 100m. Some say it was Kevin Brown while others say Ken Brown. It remains Ken Brown for now.
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