Mentor D-1 District Rankings (Off-Season #2)


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I’ve started moving wrestlers around based off of where they wrestled in the off-season, Boro’s rankings, and some pure guesswork. Please let me know any changes that I should make on weights, teams, or divisions, if you have any inside information.

I love doing these rankings, but as it has been pointed out before, they are just for fun. To any wrestlers who read these and feel that they are ranked too low, you may be right.
I am bound to be wrong on many of the rankings, but fortunately they have absolutely no impact on how anyone will finish at any tournament this season or any other year.

* = unsure about participation or availability

1. Wyatt Richter- St. Edward
2. Colin Noel- Elyria
3. J.T. Furko- St. John’s Jesuit (6th district)
4. Brayden Biedermann- Anthony Wayne
5. Cole McKinley- Sylvania Northview
6. Braeden Beck- Mayfield
7. Roman Parobek- Ashland
8. Damian Metz- Madison

1. Peyton Fenton- Elyria (1st state)
2. Sean Seefeldt- St. Edward (2nd state)
3. Cael Saxton- Avon (8th state)
4. Tony Pendergraff- Clay (SQ)
5. Carlo Santoro- Mayfield
6. Jeffrey Kennedy- N. Olmsted (5th district)
7. Myles Takats- Perrysburg
8. Colin Rohr- Ashland

1. Jacob Moon- Clay (3rd state)
2. Richie Delsanter- St. Edward (6th, 5th state)
3. Bryce Allison- Elyria (7th state)
4. Case George- Ashland (SQ)
5. Jerome Scott- John Adams (SQ)
6. Chris Rocha- Riverside (5th district, SQ 2018)
7. Ethan Sear- Avon (6th district)
8. Parker Frederick- Anthony Wayne

1. Dylan Shawver- Elyria (3rd, 2nd, 4th state)
2. Hudson Poole (SQ)/Kayden Kralik(3rd middle school state)- St. Edward
3. Nick Sabin- Mentor (7th state 2018)
4. Ricardo Oviedo- Waite (5th district, 5th district 2018, SQ 2017)
5. Jeremy Ginter- St John’s Jesuit (3rd middle school state)
6. Anthony Santoro- Mayfield (5th middle school state)
7. Bryce Gilts- Anthony Wayne
8. Cade Robertson- Avon


1. Mick Burnett- Elyria (1st, 2nd, 6th state)
2. Scott Richter- St. Edward (5th state)
3. Jason Cascadden- Whitmer (SQ)
4. Allenson Denkins- Perrysburg
5. Ethan Wannett- Lakeside (6th district)
6. Adam Cook- Madison Comp.
7. Tyler Wittreich- Riverside
8. Hunter Land- Mentor

1. Blake Saito- Perrysburg (3rd, 8th, 7th state)
2. Nathan Burnett- Elyria (5th state)
3. Jack Haskin- Whitmer (6th state)
4. Evan Bennett- St. Edward
5. Zach Snyder- Anthony Wayne
6. Dylan Stoll- (Holland) Springfield
7. Mike Daly- Clay (SQ 2018)
8. Mark Sobonya- Riverside (7th middle school state)

1. Luke Geog- St. Edward
2. Jonah Smith- Findlay (7th state)
3. Jayden Jones- Ashland (5th district)
4. John Perry- Avon Lake
5. Nathan Urry- Olmsted Falls
6. Sonny Fontana- Mayfield*
7. Kameron Miller- Clay
8. Erich Trinski- Elyria (7th middle school state)

1. Bryce Hepner- St. Edward (1st, 1st, 2nd state)
2. Enrique Munguia- Elyria (2nd state)
3. Alex Garee- Perrysburg (SQ)
4. Andrew Philion- Midview (6th district, 5th district 2018)
5. Nate Barrett- Madison Comp. (6th district)
6. Danny Martich- Riverside
7. Lincoln Splete- Mentor
8. Julian Howard- Tol. DeSales

1. Paddy Gallagher- St Edward (1st, 3rd state)
2. Noah Ewen- Perrysburg (6th state)
3. Jackson Weissinger- (Fremont) Ross (5th district 2018)
4. Conner Liber- Sylvania Northview (SQ)
5. Brandy Crawford- Elyria
6. Trent Osborne- Madison Comp.
7. Tommy Ungrady- Mayfield*
8. Tyler Renick- Mentor


1. Jacob Lagoa- Lakeside (1st 2018, 1st state 2017)
2. Hudson Hightower- St. Edward (5th state)
3. Jonathan Norwood- Elyria (3rd middle school state)
4. Cameron Piercy- Whitmer
5. Brody Stultz- Anthony Wayne
6. Colton Brandenburg- Mayfield
7. Andrew Liber- Syl. Northview (6th middle school state)
8. Avery Jones- N. Olmsted

1. Jake Evans- Elyria (4th state)
2. Jacob Meek- Clay (SQ)
3. Mike Garcar- St. Edward (SQ)
4. Freddy Lisly- Euclid (5th district)
5. Jakob Beverly- Ashland
6. Gabe Edinger- Tol. DeSales
7. Shandi Anz- Perrysburg
8. Nick Shuster- Mentor

1. Jordan Greer- Avon (4th state)
2. Ty Cobb- Clay (SQ)
3. Ryan Musgrove- Perrysburg
4. Ben Doehr- Elyria (6th district)
5. Bradley Geis- St. John’s Jesuit*
6. Mo Zayed- Westlake
7. Salah Al-Najjar- N. Olmsted
8. Clay Carpenter- Steele

1. Jake Noon- Findlay (5th district)
2. Justin Jaeckin- Olmsted Falls (SQ)
3. Sam Sawaya- Perrysburg (SQ)
4. Nicholas Lisco- St. Edward
5. Mason Bingham- Avon (6th district)
6. La’Ron Parks- Euclid
7. Elijah Harrison- Mayfield
8. Robbie Delewski- Lakeside


1. Daniel Bucknavich- Midview (5th state)
2. Jake Bever- Ashland (SQ)
3. Brian Kilbane- St. Edward (5th district)
4. Marco Tramontano- Mayfield*
5. Hunter Colao- Mentor
6. Nolan Barber- Anthony Wayne
7. Laureance Newland- (Fremont) Ross
8. Jerry White- Olmsted Falls

1. St. Edward
2. Elyria
3. Perrysburg
4. Clay
5. Mayfield
6. Ashland
7. Avon
8. Anthony Wayne

A special thanks to Boro Fan for all the insight into the weights of the wrestlers, Baum’s Page and Jake’s Wrestling for all of the results that they provide, and to any of the other wrestling nerds that actually read these things.

-Max Pearce