Mehock Relays - Seed Times


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Has anyone checked out the heat sheets for the Mehock Relays this weekend? If not, please do:

Meet management has to step in and put a stop to this. It's basically at the point where it's which coach can lie the best to get their athlete/team in the hot heat.

Girls 100m dash seeded at 9.03 and 9.08??? lol. Girls 4x200m seeded at 1:30.59???

And don't even think about getting in the hot heat of the boys 4x100m... Most of those teams are entered over a whole second faster than their season PR.

This is getting ridiculous...


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Girls 100m dash seeded at 9.03 and 9.08??? lol.

Those are obviously mistakes and are meant to be 12.03 & 12.08. That's why they were seeded where they were. I do agree, though, that it is a little suspect. A check on Milesplit of the runner with the 9.03 show a PR last season of 14.19.

I wouldn't be able to explain the girl's 4x2 seeding. I did notice that it was John Marshall that submitted that one as well. Hopefully the coach does not really believe that everyone is so gullible to believe the times and they really are errors.

I would suggest that large meets enforce something requiring the coaches to submit documented proof of the seed times. I don't know how it would be done but it should be.

What's even funnier is that J. Marshall lists a 4x1 seed time of 1:10.56!

And, yes, the team with the 40.00 4x1!!