Meet Directors Stipend?


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How many of you that are meet directors for your school XC or Track & Field invitationals actually get a stipend/additional pay for being meet manager? If you do what is your stipend amount? Just trying to gather a little information.
At the two public schools I worked at we ran 13 invitationals or league championships and never got anything thing other than our coaches salaries (one head coach only, assistants were volunteers).

We don’t have a CC invitational at the private school where I coach now, but there is a paid meet manager position for the track team. I don’t know how much they get paid.


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For our track invitational we hire and pay a meet manager. For any meets the coaches run there is no stipend.

Mr. Slippery

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$0.00 (the meet manager is coach)
In some cases, I even lost money by providing snacks and drinks for timers and other meet workers out of my own pocket.

Only time I ever got paid was when our XC course was used for a race a family was trying to develop as a fundraiser for a scholarship fund. I didn't think the race would generate much of a turnout (the typical road racer has no interest in running on a slower grass surface), but if it did catch on, I wanted the organizers to be in the habit of parting with some of the proceeds to possibly have it benefit our XC program in the future. The race did not catch on, but I was able to squeeze a $100 fee out of them as course superintendent that lone year that we hosted it. For how much time I spent trimming tree branches, removing bushes, filling in holes, painting the lines, coning and flagging the course on race morning, and tearing down the course afterwards, they got their money's worth, IMHO.
I get $700 for the meet that I direct. It is a fair price to me. I am not doing this for the money. Other people would say that they want more than this. It is more like a labor of love. I probably spend about 40 hours directing the meet. I have received the same pay since 2003.


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There is a stipend written in our bylaws for our league meet for the meet managers. I believe it is around $100.